The Classic Holds a New Love For Her Shoes

March 28, 2020 2 Comments

The Classic Holds a New Love For Her Shoes

Becky Kueker is a Tucson-based, nationally known author and speaker traveling around the U.S. providing presentations that relate to her personal journey. She retired from a 20-year career as a partner in a woman-owned, commercial architectural and interior design firm. Leading business development and forming strategic relationships with Fortune 500 companies around the world.  

Becky also chaired the company’s Corporate Advisory Board. Her distinguished program of work has received numerous prestigious awards, such as a top Woman of Achievement award, a “Star Catchers” Award from St. Louis County Library, and the prestigious YWCA President’s Award honor.  


Becky receiving honors, wearing the Omega in silver glitter fabric
Becky receiving honors as she wears a beautiful gown
styled with the Omega in silver glitter! 

Becky has been honored with a IndieView interview that was published nation-wide in June 2019. She was featured in the October 2019 article, “The Women the WSJ Missed! Her newly published book received an award in September 2019 for the Cover Design by Top Shelf Magazine in the self-published non-fiction category, and she was a featured author in TopShelf Magazine’s December 2019 issue.

Becky also serves on the University of Arizona Cancer Center Advisory Board, and she is chair of the University of Arizona Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences special event, “The Power of the Purse” in October 2020. She is also is a contributing blogger for the nationally recognized sites: Sixty and Me and Retirement and Good Living.

Her first book, Hiding in My Pajamas, captured her emotional roller coaster ride in a funny, honest and insightful book that looks at retirement from a woman’s perspective. Her second book, A Classic in Clown Shoes debuted in May 2019 is a sometimes painful, and yet, a straightforward, hilarious look at life after retirement, reflects on new beginnings and why you don’t have to be defined by age. 

At a conference in Redondo Beach last October, our Creative Director, Lisa Schmitz, had the pleasure of meeting Becky and then also chatting with her on a recent trip to St. Louis where Becky was honored at the St. Louis Community College Falling in Love Gala for her work starting the scholarship program for the Culinary School 15 years ago. Here is what Becky shared with us about her personal experience with Walking Cradles shoes. 


 Becky's Testimonial*

Becky sporting the Omega in silver glitter fabric! 

In February of 2017 I had complicated surgery to reattach torn tendons and a complete reconstruction of my left foot and ankle that changed my life in so many ways. Spending 6 months in a wheelchair I looked forward to the time, after months of rehab, I would walk again.  What did I not expect was the ongoing pain I continued to experience, as well as learning I would never be able to wear “real shoes” again, no high heels, rhinestone encrusted flip flops, or my adored platform shoes. Imelda Marcos had left the building!

During the months of my recovery I began writing a book, “A Classic in Clown Shoes”, sharing how I dealt with a disability I did not see coming. In a burst of vanity, I set out on a quest to find shoes that I could wear in some degree of comfort other than the orthopedic shoe that I was required to wear. My dream was a beautiful shoe that looked good and felt good. This journey has been daunting, expensive, and eye opening as I went from store to store purchasing shoes that promised a great deal but only added to my pain. All the brands I chose pretty much guaranteed I would walk virtually pain free as they featured memory foam, an anatomical arch and cradle toe. Shoe after pricey shoe piled up in my closet. 

In October of 2019 at a conference in Redondo Beach, California, I was introduced to Walking Cradles, a St. Louis based shoe company. Women at the conference flocked around their display with nothing but compliments about how they felt and how stylish they were. I looked at the shoes and agreed the styles were totally amazing. But looking at them closely I noticed the insoles of the shoes had small raised bumps and a catchy phrase about their design. I put them down thinking this was just another gimmick.

It was two months later, after I read all of the reviews the women at the conference had posted about Walking Cradles that I decided to take a chance and order two pair. The Omega I ordered is spectacular as far as style. I can no longer wear a closed back shoe and these were open. I ordered a pair in Black Glitter fabric and one in Silver Glitter fabric. I paid particular attention to their ordering chart on line. I had little success in the past ordering shoes on line, especially when it came to the fit, so I was a bit apprehensive when I opened the box. I slipped them on and walked to the mirror absolutely in awe. They fit perfectly, just as described on their web site. I can assure you my dream had been answered. The look, sleek and sexy, and the feel of them when I walked around the house was amazing.  Perhaps I had really discovered something spectacular!  But the true test was yet to come.

Becky switching it up, wearing the Omega in black glitter fabric!

I had been invited to participate in an author event at the Scottsdale, AZ Library.  It began at 9 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. which was a very long day for me when most of it was standing. I have had no shoe, other than my orthopedic shoe that allowed me enough comfort to stand for that length of time.  

Walking to the event everything felt good. Two hours into the event I was still standing and it is hard to describe the comfort that I felt wearing these shoes and my foot had not yet begun to swell, which it always does. Their “Tiny Pillows” technology is not a gimmick. I am just blown away by the look and feel of this shoe and you would not believe the compliments I have received. My expectations were very low when I purchased them and I cannot begin to say enough about how their technology changed my opinion. 

 After honors: a full-length view of Becky's dress and Walking Cradles!

For women like me who have had extreme surgery, there is a shoe that looks stylish and actually can be worn without significant discomfort. I will never be pain free but my Walking Cradle’s are the only shoe that I have been able to wear that allows me to be up walking and/or standing for long periods at a time and I love them.  My glittery {Walking Cradles} are now something I am so proud of and I breathe a huge sigh of relief every time I put them on.


Becky Kueker,

National Speaker and Author

* Comments and opinions are strictly my own. I was not gifted the shoes, nor did I receive any compensation to provide this testimonial.

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Jane Taras
Jane Taras

August 14, 2020

I loved reading your blog. Please keep doing them.
I love my Walking Cradles also.

Barbara Turkington
Barbara Turkington

August 14, 2020

Outstanding! These certainly aren’t “clown shoes”! They look great with everything you have on. I know someone who can really use these! Awesome looking!

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