Introducing: Walking Cradles Last Dance!

Our team at Walking Cradles has been working hard to make shopping our clearance shoes easier.
We've been so eager to share this new experience with you, and now the moment has finally arrived!

Let us introduce our new online clearance site: Walking Cradles Last Dance!

Walking Cradles Last Dance is where searching & shopping all Walking Cradles clearance items becomes effortless and fun!


       Please note:

  • Walking Cradles Last Dance is a separate site from Walking Cradles and is where you can now easily find all permanently marked down shoes.
    Please be aware that when adding items to your cart from Walking Cradles Last Dance, they will not appear in your Walking Cradles cart, or vice versa.
  • Sizing & width options for Walking Cradles Last Dance styles are limited, thus the reason they have moved to our clearance site. To make finding shoes in your size and width simple, refer to the "sort & filter" feature. This application will sort through our clearance inventory, displaying only the styles we have available in your size & width!
  • Access Walking Cradles Last Dance by clicking the "Shop Last Dance" button above, or by visiting
    Remember, this is not a tab on the Walking Cradles website, but a separate online store, with its own check-out.
  • Please be aware that because Walking Cradles Last Dance is a separate site from Walking Cradles, any purchases made through Last Dance will not add to customer's Loyalty Points balance on the Walking Cradles site. Loyalty Points accrued through the Walking Cradles site will not be applicable at Last Dance.

    Thank you for understanding!

It's the "Last Dance" for these amazing Walking Cradles styles!
Discover shoes your closet can't live without
at great prices before they are gone!