Flaunt The Shoes That Fit and Feel Great!


At Walking Cradles we know you don't just want shoes that look great. You want shoes that fit and feel great too!

Find the perfect fit with our wide variety of sizes (4-13) and widths (Narrow, Medium, Wide, Wide-Wide, and even a few Slims).

Feel the comfort with our trademark Tiny Pillows®, EVAlution®, Flexwedge®, and Comfort Cradle® shoe technology.

And flaunt the fashion with our heels, boots, sandals, and much more! 

Shoe Technology


EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which is an eco-friendly dense foam that is extremely lightweight, flexible and acts as an excellent and durable shock absorber in the sole of the shoes. Learn More



Non-compacting, open cell 5 mm foam maintains pliability and bounces back after compression for the same amazing comfort throughout the life of the shoe. Learn more


Built-in internal flex grooves allow healthy, comfortable flexibility that moves when you move! Learn more


Our Comfort Cradle is gentle on your foot with a soft microfiber suede sock, poly memory foam, poly stabilizer, and an ultra flexible sole. Learn more



Finding your true shoe size

The Walking Cradle Company always encourages our customers to get their feet professionally sized at a local retailer in order to ensure the right fit. To find a local retailer please follow this link: Store Locator

The following chart shows what sizes and widths The Walking Cradle Company stocks. Please email us at customerservice@walkingcradles.com if you have any questions!


The woman with the "Slim"foot is very hard to fit because the foot is long and slender. Most shoes she buys slip in the back and layout on the sides. When you do a true slim width the back part of the shoe is tight enough so the heel does not slip and the sides fit snugly to the foot, and do not lay out. Look for the slim icon for shoes that come in a slim width.