Walking Cradles Loyalty Program

Get generous rewards and inside info for buying amazing shoes!

Loyalty Program
EARN POINTS @walkingcradles.com!
GET REWARDED @walkingcradles.com!

Easy To Get Started


Sign Up

Sign up for our program!
= 300 Points


Earn Points

Earn points for every dollars spent on our website!  
1$ = 1 point



Like us on Facebook
1 Like = 50 Points



Follow our Instagram
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Special Rewards


Birthday Reward

Special 500 Points gift on your birthday!


Refer Friends

Refer a friend for points for you and a special coupon for your friends!

500 points when your friend purchases through your special link

20% off coupon for your friends' first purchase

Cash Out Your Points for Rewards


As you earn points, you can cash out your points for discount codes: Your first reward is for 25% off! Cash in your 500 points, or hold on to those points to reach 700, for 30% off! Cash in or wait to reach a higher reward! It's up to you!


  • 500 Points Earned = 25% Off Coupon
  • 700 Points Earned = 30% Off Coupon
  • 1000 Points Earned = 35% Off Coupon
  • 1250 Points Earned = 40% Off Coupon
  • 1500 Points Earned = 50% Off Coupon

Be In The Know

You'll have first access to:


  • Special Pre-Orders
  • Newest Releases
  • Restock Notifications
  • Exclusive colors and patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up?

We've created a walkthrough video at the top of this page to help you sign up! You can also follow the step-by-step instructions below: There will be a “Loyalty Program” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen on the walkingcradles.com homepage. Click ' create a store account' to create a new account. If you already have a store account, click the login link on the bottom right hand corner of the loyalty pop-up window. Create your account, enter credentials, and click 'sign up'. Create your password and activate your account, then click 'activate account'. You will receive an account activation e-mail, as well as an e-mail regarding the points earned for signing up! Once activated, to check the status of your points, redeem rewards, etc. click the ever-present “Loyalty Program” tab in the bottom right-hand corner.

How Do I Earn Points?

Please note that you must logged in to earn points. Loyal customers can earn points in the following ways***:  

1. Sign up!  

2. Place an order! (must be logged in)**  

3. Like Walking Cradles on Facebook!  

4. Follow Walking Cradles on Instagram!  

5. Follow Walking Cradles on Twitter!  

6. Share a Walking Cradles post on Facebook!  

7. Share your link to refer a friend! (Referrals require friends to use code at checkout, complete purchase in order for you to earn your cradle points for the referral.)  

8. Celebrate a birthday!

Are my points transferrable at Walking Cradles Last Dance?

As separate web-sites, Walking Cradles' loyalty point & discount program is only applicable to purchases made @walkingcradles.com. Any purchases made at walkingcradleslastdance.com do not accrue a loyalty point balance, nor are discount codes applicable/transferable at walkingcradleslastdance.com & vice versa.

What Is The Exchange Value?

Every dollar spent is worth 1 “Cradle Point!” The more points you earn, the greater the discount! Discounts are redeemable for an entire order! That's right, 25-50% off your entire order at walkingcradles.com!

500 points = 25% Off Discount Code
700 points = 30% Off Discount Code
1000 points = 35% Off Discount Code
1250 points = 40% Off Discount Code
1500 points = 50% Off Discount Code

How Do I Redeem Rewards

Click on the navy blue Loyalty Program tab in the bottom right hand corner of the web-site (signified with a white star). Within the Loyalty Program “pop-up” click the “All Rewards” tab, then select the coupon you would like to redeem, click the “Redeem” button to reveal your discount code. The code will also be sent via e-mail for your reference. To apply your discount code to your purchase, enter the discount code at checkout to redeem your reward! Or you may continue to accrue points to earn the maximum discount!* Remember, the more you spend the more you earn, the more you earn, the more you save! And again, all discounts are redeemable not for a single pair, but for between 25%-50% off your entire order @walkingcradles.com! Please note that during certain promotions and sales, discount codes may not be applied or "stacked." Only one promotion/discount per order. We appreciate your understanding.

* Please note that loyalty point codes & their subsequent discounts cannot be combined &/or "stacked" with any other promotions, offers, discounts or codes. We appreciate your understanding.

**Purchases made before January 2018 are not eligible for an accrued point balance.

***Points earned for a returned item will result in those points being deducted from loyalty points total.

****Please note that discount codes, once generated, regardless of application or use during checkout, results in a deduction from your points balance.