Walking Cradles Loyalty Program

Get generous rewards and inside info for buying amazing shoes!

Loyalty Program

Easy To Get Started


Sign Up

Sign up for our program!
= 300 Points


Earn Points

Earn points for every dollars spent on our website!  
1$ = 1 point



Like us on Facebook
1 Like = 50 Points



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Special Rewards


Birthday Reward

Special 500 Points gift on your birthday!


Refer Friends

Refer a friend for points for you and a special coupon for your friends!

500 points when your friend purchases through your special link

20% off coupon for your friends' first purchase

Cash Out Your Points for Rewards


As you earn points, you can cash out your points for discount codes: Your first reward is for 25% off! Cash in your 500 points, or hold on to those points to reach 700, for 30% off! Cash in or wait to reach a higher reward! It's up to you!


  • 500 Points Earned = 25% Off Coupon
  • 700 Points Earned = 30% Off Coupon
  • 850 Points Earned = 35% Off Coupon
  • 1000 Points Earned = 40% Off Coupon
  • 1500 Points Earned = 50% Off Coupon

Be In The Know

You'll have first access to:


  • Special Pre-Orders
  • Newest Releases
  • Restock Notifications
  • Exclusive colors and patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up?

We've created a walkthrough video at the top of this page to help you sign up! You can also follow the step-by-step instructions below: There will be a “Loyalty Program” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen on the walkingcradles.com homepage. Click ' create a store account' to create a new account. If you already have a store account, click the login link on the bottom right hand corner of the loyalty pop-up window. Create your account, enter credentials, and click 'sign up'. Create your password and activate your account, then click 'activate account'. You will receive an account activation e-mail, as well as an e-mail regarding the points earned for signing up! Once activated, to check the status of your points, redeem rewards, etc. click the ever-present “Loyalty Program” tab in the bottom right-hand corner.

How Do I Earn Points?

Please note that you must logged in to earn points. Loyal customers can earn points in the following ways***:  

1. Sign up!  

2. Place an order! (must be logged in)**  

3. Like Walking Cradles on Facebook!  

4. Follow Walking Cradles on Instagram!  

5. Follow Walking Cradles on Twitter!  

6. Share a Walking Cradles post on Facebook!  

7. Share your link to refer a friend! (Referrals require friends to use code at checkout, complete purchase in order for you to earn your cradle points for the referral.)  

8. Celebrate a birthday!

What Is The Exchange Value?

Every dollar spent is worth 1 “Cradle Point!” The more points you earn, the greater the discount! Discounts are redeemable for an entire order! That's right, 25-50% off your entire order at walkingcradles.com!

500 points = 25% Off Discount Code
700 points = 30% Off Discount Code
1000 points = 35% Off Discount Code
1250 points = 40% Off Discount Code
1500 points = 50% Off Discount Code

How Do I Redeem Rewards

Click “Earn more Cradle Points” tab in the Loyalty “pop-up.” Click the “Rewards” tab, then select the coupon you would like to redeem, click “Redeem” tab to reveal your discount code, it will also be sent via e-mail for your reference. Then, enter the discount code at checkout to redeem your reward! Or continue to accrue points to earn the maximum discount!* Remember, the more you spend the more you earn, the more you earn, the more you save! And again, all discounts are redeemable not for a single pair, but for between 25%-50% off your entire order at walkingcradles.com!

* Please note that coupon codes cannot be combined.

**Purchases made before January 2018 are not eligible for an accrued point balance.

***Points earned for a returned item will result in those points being deducted from loyalty points total.

****Please note that discount codes, once generated, regardless of application or use during checkout, results in a deduction from your points balance.