Celebrating Friendships with Endless Comfort & Style!

June 16, 2020 2 Comments

Celebrating Friendships with Endless Comfort & Style!

Now more than ever, it's so important to keep in touch and stay connected within our friendships. Even though we may be separated by miles and necessary social distance, our strong feelings for our dear friends stay the same.

As the saying goes "friends are the family we choose." These bonds become so deeply rooted that one cannot fathom not having the other person as part of their life and vice versa. 

There is always time to appreciate the friendships in our lives. Whether it's by sending a check-in text, planning that trip you've always talked about, or even catching up during a Zoom call happy hour! 

June 8th is widely recognized as National Best Friends Day! This year, we may not have been able to celebrate in the ways we normally would, but Walking Cradles wanted to honor this day by allowing our friends to share their stories and cherished memories with us.

We asked everyone to share their favorite pictures of themselves with their bestie(s) through our Facebook page. To say the least, your smiles were contagious and had us wanting to call up our best buds! 

We randomly selected one of our entries for a free pair of Walking Cradles! What better way to celebrate than gifting one of our friends with the best comfort and style?

Our winner, Marcia was excited to talk with us about her shoe journey, as well as her journey in friendship! 

Marcia (left) pictured with her two best friends, Betsy (middle) & Jill (right). 

"Friends are such an important part of anyone’s lives. These are my two best friends-Betsy (middle) and Jill (right). This picture was taken at a milestone birthday we were celebrating with Betsy. I have known these ladies for over 30 years. Betsy was a former neighbor. I met Jill at a floral design class," Marcia says. 

"We have shared many wonderful times together - tea parties, antique shopping, luncheons, etc.  We have made so many great memories together. We are there for each other during good times and bad!!"

When it comes to choosing footwear, Marcia commented on how important lasting support and style is to her wardrobe. 

"Comfort is the most important thing when choosing footwear. I also want good quality and a lasting style," Marcia says. 

"I found Walking Cradles website. I was very impressed with all the styles and sizes that are available. I am looking forward to receiving my first pair of Walking Cradle shoes as I NEED a comfortable pair of shoes. I feel like I have found my answer. I am sure this won’t be my last pair!!!"

It was such a treat seeing all of your pictures on our Facebook page!

Here are a couple more photos that we love of you and your besties! 

Our friend Jerri & her beautiful family! 

Our friend Kimberley & her BFF, Patty! 

Thank you to everyone who shared their wonderful pictures and stories with us! We hope you were all able to celebrate in your own way!

Here's to endless comfort, style, and beautiful friendships!

2 Responses

Sandra Gibbs
Sandra Gibbs

August 14, 2020

Nice story Marcia!

valerie simons
valerie simons

August 14, 2020

Loved Marcia’s view on friendship and the importance of social interactions, even with social distancing now!

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