Meet Our Ambassador: Jodie Filogomo

June 25, 2020 1 Comment

Meet Our Ambassador: Jodie Filogomo

As our Walking Cradle family continues to grow, we want to share with you what, and more importantly, who, makes it so special! 

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing several "Meet Our Ambassadors" stories - highlighting our Walking Cradles Ambassadors. These features give our Walking Cradle community the opportunity to really get to know our Brand Ambassadors as they share with us their passions, their shoe journey, and why they chose to be part of the Walking Cradles family.

To kick off this exciting new blog series, we'll begin with someone who's been by our side now for the last few years, always proud to be repping her Walking Cradles (hop on over to her blog as she is also featuring Walking Cradles today - Thursday, June 25). Jodie also has many loyal followers on Facebook and Instagram - always providing great fashion, health and lifestyle advice!

Walking Cradles Ambassador, Jodie Filogomo (@jtouchofstyle)

Lifestyle blogger, social media influencer, and fashionista, Jodie Filogomo, is the voice behind the site Jodie's Touch of Style, where she inspires all women through her style tips and tricks, that it's never too late to look great!

"I started my blog with my mother, Charlotte and step mom, Nancy which gives variety to what you see on the site," Jodie says.

"Recently we moved to Arizona so now it is my mom and my friend along with myself. Still 3 different aged women with 3 different body shapes and sizes so there's something for everyone!" 

 Jodie (left), friend, Lesley (center), & Jodie's mom, Charlotte (right). 

Jodie is a retired cosmetic dentist who, like many of us, "wishes that shopping was an Olympic sport!" 

"Even though I'm retired, this blogging keeps me busy beyond belief. I always say I work more than I did as a dentist. But I love it. In my spare time, I still love to knit, read and travel with my husband." 

We're always curious to find out what initially drew our new team members to Walking Cradles! 

"I first looked at the site when my blogging friend, Cathy Lawandaski (, talked about them. I know all of my audience is looking for comfortable shoes, so I'm always on the lookout for brands I don't know about," Jodie says. 

"I am somewhat of a shoe snob, and still like my heels which is something you don't see on many "comfortable" shoes sites. So I was pleasantly surprised to see there were many styles that I would wear!" 

After becoming more familiar with the brand, collaborative ideas quickly sparked, and a wonderful friendship blossomed between Jodie our incredible Creative Director, Lisa Schmitz.  

Jodie (center right) & Lisa (right) posing next to Look Book models, Eva (left) and Susan (center left) at a Walking Cradles Shoe-Stravaganza! 

    We asked Jodie if she had ever faced any shoe challenges before finding Walking Cradles - whether it be a sizing or comfort issue or simply finding a shoe that both looks and feels good.

    We come across many women who end up settling for an incorrect size of a shoe they love, or shoes they don't feel fully confident or proud to wear because their correct size lacks modern style. Why should any woman have to sacrifice one for the other, when both are so easily achievable! 

    "I usually don't have a ton of issues finding shoes. Even though I have bunions, they don't hurt or cause me issues with fitting in shoes. So I never thought I would be the one to fall in love with Walking Cradles like I have," Jodie says.  

    This just goes to show, that Walking Cradles can be a life or "foot saver" to many, but an incredible, perhaps unexpected addition to anyone's wardrobe - becoming the styles you never knew you needed, but are so glad you found! 

    "However, once you wear such wonderfully fitting shoes, it's hard to go back to uncomfortable footwear. When we recently moved, I ended up purging many pairs of non Walking Cradles that didn't make the cut of cute and comfy." 

     As Jodie mentioned earlier, she still loves her heels! If you already follow Jodie, it's no secret that she loves keeping her outfits full of fun, vibrant colors and patterns! She described on one of her favorite outfits she wore to a recent event, completed by the stunning Samantha in red suede! 

    "Recently at an event in LA, I wore my red suede Samantha's to dance the night away. They are such a bold pair of heels, and yet they hardly feel like a heel. So I wore them as a bright statement with my sequin dress. We were on our feet all evening and I never felt the need to take them off. The best part is the random compliments from strangers I always get when I'm wearing them."

    Jodie talks of the main motivators behind doing what she loves. She's continuously curating new ideas and coming with the best ways to collaborate. She is proud to be a part of our team, and want everyone to discover what she has through working with us! 

    "Since I am a fashion blogger, I take pride in my appearance, and realize that when you look good, you feel better about yourself. While shoes are only part of our outfits, I feel like they can make or break an outfit. Yet having footwear that hurts is not the way to go," Jodie says.

    That's why finding Walking Cradles has been the best. I love how not only do they have the boutique line that is fashion forward, the company really cares what their customers think and is constantly taking suggestions for future styles. It doesn't hurt that they have shoes available in such a HUGE range of sizes and widths too. I know so many of my audience struggles with finding the size they need especially with wide feet."


    Friend, Lesley (left), Jodie's mom, Charlotte (center), & Jodie (right). 

    When it comes to Jodie's favorite Walking Cradles style - the Orleans is an absolute must have! 

    "Shoes are a tough purchase especially online. Heck, even when you can try them on in a store, they can feel different after wearing them out and about. That's why it's fabulous to find a company where the comfort is such high priority. Considering I have 5 pair of the Orleans sneakers, I think it's a great style to start with. They are a sneaker that can go from workout to lunch to dinner and still look stylish!" 


    Working with our dear friend and amazing Walking Cradles ambassador, Jodie is always a pleasure. "Jodie and I met a couple years ago when I was on vacation. Jodie lived in Colorado at that time and when she saw I was there, she messaged me to see if we could meet up for lunch. She and her husband, Rob were meeting another fashion blogger, Cindy Scurry at a restaurant in Golden, which just so happened to be where we were staying. Our group of 6 met up with their group of 3 and the friendships were instant. I was thrilled when Jodie agreed to be a celebrity model at our Shoe-Stravaganza that following season. Since then, we talk regularly as she provides great advice about the fashion blogger/social media influencer side of things. Besides that, she is just one of the most delightful people I have ever met!" says Lisa Schmitz, Walking Cradles Creative Director.

    We hope you enjoyed our first feature, as there are many more to come! Be sure to check out Jodie's blog for the latest trends and style inspo for summertime & more! 

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    Mary Katherine Graetz
    Mary Katherine Graetz

    August 14, 2020

    What a treat to read this about my dear friend Jodie! You could not have picked a better ambassador to represent your wonderful shoes. I have two pairs, thanks to her, and love them!

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