February 22, 2021


In every month we experience the unique qualities of the zodiac sign under which we were born. Each sign has its own unique qualities and ways of expression. We frequently read about our love, money, work and fitness horoscopes, but now we offer you Shoe Horoscopes! 

Read your monthly horoscope here (according to, and during the month of your personal astrological sign, read about your unique style qualities and find the casual and dressy shoe that our resident style gurus have selected just for you! 

You are subtly sexy with a dash of whimsical flair!

Penelope & Avery for Pisces Style Picks


Style qualities:  A free spirit at heart, you like adding a whimsical flair to your wardrobe. People gravitate toward your good-natured humor, love of life and warm personality. You are always eye-catching without being over the top! 


Shoe picks:  With an easy, breezy vibe, Pisces girls prefer to be barefoot - but when you step out you’re going to be stylish and comfortable! Your favorite black t-shirt dress and denim jacket will be perfect with the new Penelope sandal. With its Comfort Cradle® bottom, you’ll still have that barefoot feeling but in a strappy thong sandal – and the mini-cheetah print is just the perfect fashion flair! When you’re ready to slip on that sexy, flowy sundress, the Avery wedge sandal is a fabulous choice. The fabric crotched uppers keep your feet feeling cool!  Our super cushioned Tiny Pillows® insoles ensure your feet will feel nothing but comfort!






You might feel as if you're trapped underwater for most of the month. However, you'll somehow be able to breathe and internally know why it is you're meant to take this pause.

It all begins with Mercury traveling retrograde in your hidden 12th house until February 20. Don't be surprised if your dream life is on steroids and you get more psychic premonitions than usual. You're probably going to have a major psychological breakthrough as well. Memories from the past that have haunted you will now have the opportunity to be released once and for all.

A New Moon in Aquarius and a sublime Venus-Jupiter conjunction on February 11 lands in your hidden 12th house, reminding you that you are divinely protected and guided and that spiritual blessings are the most meaningful of all. The more you give, the more you get. That is your mantra for this month.

Venus enters your sign on February 25, meaning you WILL be the embodiment of pure, unconditional love. The Virgo Full Moon on February 27 lands in your partnership sector. Relationship turning points are likely and it can go in either direction. You won't be attached to the outcome, especially not after all the spiritual wisdom this month has taught you.

Key themes for Pisces: psychic feelings, intuition, soul, spirit, divinity, dreams, meditation, charity, compassion




There's a famous saying about success being all about who you know. Well, if that's true, then this month you're about to hit it big. There's so much positive energy fueling your 11th House of Friendship and Networks and you certainly want to do your part to maximize the goodness coming your way in this area of your life. An Aquarius New Moon along with a rare Venus-Jupiter conjunction on February 11 is likely to help you get whatever it is you want most that involves technology, a group effort, or even a romance involving one of your friends.

Even if the details seem fuzzy, try not to stress. Mercury will be retrograde until February 20, but all the ideas will fly off the table effortlessly after this. You might even find that you reconnect with an old friend who has the power to make one of your most heartfelt aspirations reality. Believe!

In other news, a job change might be in store. The Full Moon in Virgo on February 27 could be about a colleague leaving his or her position or you giving up a freelance gig. You're ready.

Key themes for Aries: humanitarianism, collective consciousness, originality, innovation, friends, social groups, networking, job change, lateral move




You're making serious moves this month professionally, and the last thing you want is to allow fear of change to hold you back. You're about to receive an offer that is absolutely stunning, but it will require you to give up your old ways concerning your career strategy. An Aquarius New Moon on February 11 along with a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction promises a sudden growth opportunity if you're willing to welcome innovation. Grab it!

Even if you're not sure about how it will all work out, don't despair. Mercury is moving retrograde in your career sector until February 20. Be patient and know that clarity will happen by the end of the month.

Your love life is also taking a serious turn in February. A Virgo Full Moon in your true love sector on February 27 signals a deepening of a bond if you and someone special are falling in love. The secret to romantic success now is to let go of your expectations. Recognize love in whatever form it chooses to arrive ... and then choose to embrace it.

Key themes for Taurus: promotion, honor, new career, new goals, innovation, originality, financial blessing, romance, children, creative fulfillment




Your mind is pure gold this month, and it's most certainly the ticket to your advancement in life. It's possible you will seize a learning opportunity that comes your way near the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11. This lunation lands in your 9th House of Higher Learning and Wisdom, and it also happens on the same day as the blessed Venus-Jupiter conjunction. That conjunction is in your 9th house as well, so you can see how rewards are truly possible when you chase any opportunity that involves education, internationalism, spirituality, or even the legal system.

Your love life might be connected to 9th house matters in a very specific way this month. You could be ready to sign a legal agreement with your partner or the two of you might deepen your love connection through a shared spiritual quest.

Family matters take over at the Full Moon in Virgo on February 27. You could be finalizing a move or hear emotionally-charged news from a relative.

Key themes for Gemini: intellect, mentoring, spirituality, religion, culture, faith, legal matters, travel, home, family




A major financial blessing is in store this month and it probably has nothing to do with your earnings. An Aquarius New Moon and a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction on February 11 occur in your 8th House of Shared Resources. This could signal a lucrative new beginning if you're trying to get anything off the ground that involves making money through royalties, commissions, or passive income. You could also make a new investment at this time that does amazingly well in a short amount of time. Sweet!

If you're in a relationship, then this could be about a major financial benefit your spouse or partner receives in February. Whether it's a raise, inheritance, tax benefits, or even a legal settlement payout, you're sure to celebrate. Single? This could be a month when you're more open to being vulnerable physically and emotionally with someone new. Your heart and your head are lined up in rare agreement, especially after Mercury turns direct on February 20. Go where they lead.

Key themes for Cancer: big money, new money, tax break, settlement, inheritance, passive income, intimacy, erotic encounters




You've got big love coming your way this month, Leo! On February 11, an Aquarius New Moon shines in your partnership sector along with a rare Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the same area of your chart. This is as good as it gets when it comes to romantic goodies -- and you are the number one beneficiary! Mercury is still retrograde in this part of your chart until February 20, and this indicates that you have been second-guessing your choices in a relationship (or choice to refrain from relationship) up until this point. However, once that New Moon hits, nothing will stop you from moving forward and going for it.

In other news, a Virgo Full Moon in your earned income sector on February 27 could signal an ending to a source of income you once relied upon. You're in transition when it comes to finances and career, so try not to allow anxiety to seep into your veins about the changes happening now. Trust in the universe and trust in your talents and resourcefulness.

Key themes for Leo: commitment, love, relationships, connection, unusual alliances, strange love, money changes, income loss




You've been seriously re-evaluating your work life and how you use your time. Mercury, your ruler, turned retrograde in your work and health sector on January 30. Until February 20, when it turns direct, you'll be in a major phase of rethinking your schedule, your work situation, and your current mindset about health matters.

Fortunately, the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11 will land in this part of your chart along with a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction. All of this is sure to bring magnificently positive new beginnings in this area of your life, even if you're still uncertain about the details as the opportunities arrive. Take that new job, try that new health care protocol, and know that you are being supported by the universe in the most amazing way now.

You might have an emotional outburst near the Full Moon in your sign on February 27. It's possible you'll confess your feelings for someone you've had a crush on or that you'll be extra sentimental to your mate about your love life. Venus moves into your partnership sector on February 25, adding even more harmony to your love connection. Feel the love!

Key themes for Virgo: health, wellness, job change, schedule change, freelance work, colleagues, office romance, marriage, soulmate connection




Love is in the air, even if you're totally confused about the romantic prospects around you. Mercury turned retrograde in your true love sector on January 30 and remains retrograde through February 20. This is typically a time when at least one of your exes will come out of the woodwork and try to talk to you or reconcile. It's also a time when you're mentally revising your ideas around love and dating. Whatever hasn't been working for you needs to go and you know this on an intellectual level. Trying to take action, however, is another story. Fortunately, the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11 coupled with a perfect Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the same day will change everything. New love, new thoughts, and new possibilities in your love life story are all within reach.

Your work life also gets happier after February 25 when Venus moves into your work sector. It looks like you're going to truly enjoy collaborating on a team project with your colleagues.

Key themes for Libra: romance, reconciliation, former lover, second chances, unusual romance, big love, work opportunities, job satisfaction




Your domestic life is filled with energy -- but it may seem unsteady as the month begins. Mercury turned retrograde in your home and family sector on January 30 and remains in hibernation until February 20. This could mean a misunderstanding between you and a relative needs to be sorted out, but trust that if you work through the frustration, there is a new path that will come out of it. The resolution brings magnificent change near February 11 thanks to an Aquarius New Moon and brilliant Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your 4th House of Home. This could also be more about your physical living situation. If you buy or sell real estate, you're likely to do quite well.

If single, there are glorious romantic prospects brewing after February 25 when Venus moves into your true love sector. A friendship might turn sour near the Full Moon in Virgo on February 27; if this happens, you won't be surprised because you already knew things between you were shaky.

Key themes for Scorpio: real estate, family changes, security, family blessings, family money, home improvements, dating, romance, friendship break




Your mental focus might be off as the month begins, but don't despair -- it's only realigning. Mercury turned retrograde on January 30 in your communication sector and remains so through February 20. During this time, you might feel as if you don't trust your own judgment. Conversations with others may not go as planned and you might even be asked to revise more communications-related work than usual.

Fortunately, on February 11, there is an Aquarius New Moon in this part of your chart, as well as a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction. There seems to be a lucrative new opportunity ahead related to communications, sales, or marketing, as long as you're willing to reframe your thoughts around this endeavor. That means that once Mercury turns direct on February 20, you'll realize that just because it's not what you expected doesn't mean it isn't awesome. It is.

When it comes to your love life, there might be a meltdown between you and your mate that lasts until February 20. Don't worry, it really is temporary.

Key themes for Sagittarius: writing, teaching, public speaking, learning, communication, contracts, marketing, sales, transportation




There's an emphasis this month on your finances. Although you might second-guess yourself in terms of how you're spending, saving, or earning your cash, you should know that all this mental back and forth will serve a larger purpose. Mercury is retrograde in your earned income sector until February 20, causing the confusion. Fortunately, it'll ultimately serve to realign your plans to better serve your financial goals. Adding to the mix is a gorgeous New Moon in Aquarius AND a Venus-Jupiter conjunction on February 11. Know that a fresh start with your money is happening and that it looks so incredibly promising. Go where the opportunity is and then maximize it!

In other news, your mind will not only focus on financial matters, it will also focus on matters of the heart after February 25. Venus enters your message sector at this time, offering you extraordinary support for conversations with your love that will support and strengthen your connection. Sweet!

Key themes for Capricorn: moneymaking, cash flow, earning power, new money, budget changes, unusual talents, innovative abilities, romantic decision




This month you seriously are the star of the cosmic show! Half of the sky is already in your sign, and a New Moon in Aquarius will add to the power on February 11. If there was ever a time when you felt in your element, this is it. Sure, Mercury is retrograde in your sign until February 20, but all this is doing is making you rethink one or two of your brilliant ideas. Your mind is exceptionally inventive now, and it's possible you'll take something you once thought was impossible and turn it into "I'm possible!" Venus and Jupiter are also engaged in a rare and stunning conjunction on February 11, giving you the very best cosmic blessings possible. The world is truly yours in February, so don't be shy when it comes to declaring exactly what your most heartfelt aspirations are.

Your love life is also noteworthy. If single, you could easily meet a quirky but captivating special someone near that Venus-Jupiter conjunction and Aquarius New Moon on February 11. If you're already in a relationship, then you can look forward to a delightful gift or blessing from your partner. You are loved!

Key themes for Aquarius: quirkiness, humanitarianism, innovation, philanthropy, eccentricity, detachment, logic, genius


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