May 24, 2021


In every month we experience the unique qualities of the zodiac sign under which we were born. Each sign has its own unique qualities and ways of expression. We frequently read about our love, money, work and fitness horoscopes, but now we offer you Shoe Horoscopes!

Read your monthly horoscope here (according to, and during the month of your personal astrological sign, read about your unique style qualities and find the casual and dressy shoe that our resident style gurus have selected just for you!


You love to take fashion risks and switch things up! Turning heads is something that you are accustomed to, and you are never a wallflower!

 Gemini Style Picks- Dylan & Foster


Style qualities:  Gemini’s are multifaceted and creative. You find interest in many things and change your mind (including your clothes and shoes) often! You are likely to be on top of trends and quick to embrace the latest styles. Even though your closet may be packed with multiple items, which include streamlined staples, you switch them up often with new, trending pieces. This fashion flair has everyone thinking you never wear the same thing twice, when what you do is find ways to experiment with all your pieces, taking your personal look to a whole new level every time you step out!


Shoe picks:  The subtle snake print on the new Dylan Metro+ Sneaker makes this black and white combo the perfect shoe to pair with your brightly colored jeans and a fun tank top! The Metro+ construction allows you to walk for miles and miles in complete comfort! Dual density foam bounces back step after step, and the lightweight, flexible construction keeps the bounce in your step!


When you are ready to dress things up, the Foster in gold is the perfect summer slip-on! This classic smoking slipper with woven leather fabric elevates every look! You can pair these with a simple dress and gold jewelry, but they also add beautiful pizazz to a pair of jean shorts, tee-shirt and a blazer! We all know you Gemini girls love to create a statement, so slip them on with a pair of white jeans or pants, a brightly colored summer top and some bold gold accented accessories, and you’ll be turning heads all night long!



 May Horoscope for Gemini (from 

You're likely to go from feeling beautiful early in the month to a hot mess by month's end! Venus moves into your sign on May 8, granting you amazing powers of attraction and all-around positive vibes. This is a positive energy that shows the world just how awesome you really are, which could leave you feeling truly loved and valued by others.

You've got a lot happening in the romance department as well. On May 26, a Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector could bring a major turning point in your relationship. It is definitely a "make it or break it" moment of truth for you and someone special.

Mercury, your ruler, turns retrograde in your sign on May 29, and this is when everything seems to fall apart. In particular, you might have a disappointing experience in your career that totally baffles you. Venus will square Neptune at the top of your chart on May 27. This event, combined with Mercury Retrograde, will leave you feeling confused as to how to think about a professional dilemma -- or anything else -- until Mercury turns direct on June 22.

Key themes for Gemini: beauty, attractiveness, romance, harmony, money, mental confusion, miscommunication, misunderstanding


MAY HOROSCOPES for all other signs (from




This might be a more reclusive month for you in matters of the heart. Love planet Venus moves into your hidden 12th house on May 8 and remains here through June 2. If you're in a relationship, then you and your sweetheart might be focused on healing some issues you have between the two of you. Another perspective might be helpful, so consider counseling. If you're single, you might be pining away over an unrequited love situation. Snap out of it!

The New Moon in Taurus on May 11 might help you if you're willing to use it. Falling in your social 11th house, this lunation can help you meet new friends who have an exciting influence on your life.

Assertive Mars remains in your sign all month and will be at a gorgeous link to Uranus on the same day as the New Moon. You're ready to experiment in life, and it'll be a great time to take action on one of your zaniest life aspirations. With Mars trine inspirational Neptune on May 31, you just might achieve it!

Key themes for Cancer: clandestine romance, couples counseling, couples retreat, new friends, social media, innovative friends, technology




You're about to become a social butterfly! Venus moves into your social 11th house on May 8 and will remain here through June 2. This can be "friends with benefits" energy, but be careful -- romance with a friend can become extra tricky on May 27 when Venus and Neptune square off. Still, you'll be more focused on having fun with your pals.

In other news, expect to make a major career move after the Taurus New Moon on May 11. Landing at the top of your chart, it reeks of success and money for you. Do whatever it is that will take you out of your comfort zone the most because you won't fail. Mercury does begin its retrograde in your house of technology on May 29, so be patient with any issues that may crop up there.

Matters of the heart become significant at the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. You might tell someone you're in love -- or you might find out you're having a child.

Key themes for Leo: fun, friends, socializing, romantic fulfillment, true love, promotion, honor, award




May opens up with great promise professionally, but it will end on a confusing note that will require a bit of course correction. Venus moves to the top of your chart on May 8 and will remain here through June 2. This is a phase of truly being seen for the talents you have in your industry. Not only is your boss appreciating them, but all eyes are on you now -- you might even receive an award or honor. However, when Mercury turns retrograde in this same area of your chart on May 29, you'll realize it's time to recalibrate your plans or an important goal in order to maximize your success.

Family matters also take precedence in May thanks to a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse that will fall in your domestic sector on May 26. This could manifest as a relocation or emotionally charged news from a family member. It's also possible you'll need to lend support to someone close, so be available.

Romance and partnership matters aren't really in sharp focus for you this month. In fact, you might feel disappointment in matters of the heart on May 27 when Venus is square Neptune. If it feels like love is slipping through your fingers, maybe it's not worth holding on to.

Key themes for Virgo: honor, praise, fame, award, rethinking goals, family events, domestic news, partnership confusion




With your ruling planet Venus moving into your 9th House of Aspirations on May 8, you've got high hopes for love. If in a relationship, then you and your partner might embark on a spiritual quest together that will help deepen your bond. If single, it's possible that you'll meet someone who is adventurous, intellectually curious, and extremely optimistic. You'll be hooked!

A New Moon in your 8th House of Public Money on May 11 might bring an opportunity for investing your money into something that turns into real substance. On this same day, Mars, now in your career sector, will be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus in your 8th house. You'll take quick action on a sudden opportunity to create passive income connected to your career. You might also see an influx in money you get through commissions, royalties, or a bonus check.

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your communication sector on May 26 will be followed up by Mercury turning retrograde on May 29. These events might have you focused on releasing outworn thought patterns that are getting in the way of your brilliant mind.

Key themes for Libra: faith, education, certification, language, material gain, financial boost, mental chaos, decisions, thought patterns




With Venus moving into your 8th House of Big Money on May 8, there are extraordinary prospects to create financial gain. It looks like there are at least two options on the table. This might be two investment options or one investment option and another that is connected to gaining money through inheritance, a settlement payout, or a royalties/commission/bonus check owed to you. However, keep in mind that Mercury will turn retrograde in this area of your chart on May 29. Make peace with the fact that there will be a change to your plans or that you may need to reconsider your financial decisions. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse in your earned income sector on May 26 might necessitate this.

Your love life is also hopping in May. A New Moon in Taurus lands in your partnership sector on May 11. If you're in a relationship, then you and your mate will enjoy a new beginning together. This could be related to your physical connection or with finances. If you're dating someone, then this is when the love connection might turn exclusive. Congratulations!

Key themes for Scorpio: financial shifts, credit, loan, bonus money, inheritance, financial decisions, marriage, commitment, relationship harmony




It's eclipse season and you're the star of the show! That means you can fully anticipate major shifts in your personal identity, as well as your relationships. The good news is that these significant turning points are meant to help catapult you toward your destiny and not away from it. Keep that in mind in the event there are growing pains along the way.

Venus moves into your partnership sector on May 8, creating an energy of harmony and love in a close personal relationship. You might need to lean on the support of this person near May 26 when a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse lands in your sign. You'll be extra emotional and vulnerable at this time. It might be because you realize it's time to let go of some emotional weight or a belief that is no longer connected to your truth.

Alternatively, this might be a turning point in relationship. With Mercury also going retrograde in your partnership sector on May 29, your mental patterns about love are shifting gears. There is love with Venus here, but your mind could be trapped somewhere else, preventing you from experiencing it. That might be what needs to go.

Key themes for Sagittarius: eclipse energy, emotions, endings, culmination, awakening, release, surrender, love, relationship communication




If your work environment hasn't been the most peaceful lately, that could change this month. Venus moves into your work sector on May 8, creating an atmosphere of harmony on the job. It'll be easy to collaborate on assignments, and a true sense of camaraderie will take over, making it easier for everyone to be productive. It's always nice when you love your work, and for the most part, that will be the case this month. However, Mercury will turn retrograde on May 29, and it's possible you'll need to revise at least one major project or hash out a miscommunication with a co-worker. Alternately, you might have an opportunity to go back to an old job.

Your love life is filled with potential in May thanks to a gorgeous Taurus New Moon on May 11 that falls in your romance sector. If single, this could bring someone into your life who truly has their act together. How refreshing! If attached, your partner might surprise you with an unexpected romantic delight that will be passionate and gratifying.

Key themes for Capricorn: office romance, lucrative work, wellness, health revisions, new love, passion, children, creative endeavor




This is your month for love and social fulfillment ... but also your month to become quite reflective on the decisions you've made regarding matters of the heart. The happy part comes in on May 8 when Venus moves into your romance sector, remaining here through June 2. If you're single, you'll have extraordinary prospects for love, and you might even have multiple options! If you're in a relationship, then you and your partner will truly enjoy each other's company and have more fun together.

However, Mercury turns retrograde in the same area of your chart on May 29, leading you to second-guess your mindset on a recent decision about love. You might also reconnect with an ex, which will only confuse you more!

A Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 might be about fulfillment or loss in the friendship department, or it may be about a dream of yours that's finally realized. You'll also be emotionally charged and fully aware of how the company you keep has impacted the quality of your life, as well as your life perspective. If something needs to change, now is the time.

Key themes for Aquarius: pleasure, romance, creative pursuits, gambling, dating, love affairs, children, aspirations




This is a month of domestic and professional transition. Venus enters your 4th House of Domesticity on May 8, giving you the itch to spend money on your home. You might start a decorating project or simply make a purchase that beautifies your house. Your relationship with family is also likely to become a source of greater joy during this time.

Mercury will turn retrograde in your home and family sector on May 29, making it a good idea to hold off on any new real estate contracts. However, it'll be a great time to refinance or look for a second home. You might even host a family reunion.

Your career is shifting thanks to a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at the top of your chart on May 26. You might be ready to say goodbye to one profession and move towards the next, or it's equally possible you'll be in the spotlight for a career achievement.

Love is divinely inspirational on May 31 as Mars in your romance sector creates a perfect trine to Neptune in your sign. Circle this day on your calendar and make sure it's as enchanting as possible.

Key themes for Pisces: domestic harmony, decorating, family valuables, family money, professional transition, career change, honor, award




There are fabulous money-making opportunities for you this month related to communications, sales, or by using your brilliant mind to try something new. Venus enters your 3rd House of Communication on May 8 followed by a Taurus New Moon in your earned income sector on May 11. This is all about cash flow, and you've got a bright fresh start here, so make the most of it. In fact, there might even be a sudden opportunity to make money with a relative. With Mars in your domestic sector at a gorgeous angle to Uranus in your financial sector on the same day as the New Moon, this business venture looks promising. Explore it!

When it comes to your love life, you're more interested in a genuine mental connection this month. If your current love interest isn't on your intellectual level, then you might start to get bored. If you're single, you may find yourself romantically intrigued by one of your neighbors. Venus in your 3rd House of Siblings will also bring a chance for sparks to fly with someone who is connected to a brother or sister.

Key themes for Aries: thinking, writing, speaking, learning, communications, sales, marketing, money, mental connections, witty romance




You've got plenty to celebrate during your birthday month, Taurus! Your ruler, Venus, moves into your earned income sector on May 8. Until June 2, you'll have a tremendous edge in financial acumen, even more than usual! There could be multiple revenue streams opening up for you, and although you'll need to regroup on how to cultivate these opportunities due to Mercury turning retrograde on May 29, you're sure to handle any course corrections with determined grace. Additionally, a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on May 26 might bring an end to any debt you've been carrying. This is wonderful news!

The New Moon in your sign on May 11 is really something to celebrate! If single, this could bring a romantic opportunity your way, but it could also be about a fresh start for you in career and personal development. On the same day as this lunation, assertive Mars links up favorably to changeable Uranus, which is in your sign. Sudden bright ideas that you put into action are sure to be met with success.

Key themes for Taurus: money, cash flow, marketing, fresh start, new you, liberation, assertive mind, birthday

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Horoscopes and recommendations presented are for entertainment purposes only.

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