Mother's Day: Making Memories- Part Four

May 11, 2020

Mother's Day: Making Memories- Part Four

Mother’s Day is a time when we look forward to celebrating Mom’s everywhere. It’s usually a day where restaurants are packed with families giving Mom the day off, backyards full of Dad’s grilling, kids running around and Mom’s sipping on well-deserved Mimosa’s or a nice, tall glass of iced tea.

This year, Mother’s Day was probably celebrated much differently for most of us. The one thing that no pandemic can take away is how much we all love the women in our lives.

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This year, we have gathered pics and thoughts from our team at Walking Cradles and want to share those with you! Each day, we have featured 3 different stories. We hope you have enjoyed reading these. Now, see how Amy, Holly and Connie (Ken's wife) planned to celebrate their day.


Amy Dunavant, Accounts Payable

This year for Mother’s Day I will be spending the day with my two children, Adelaide (5) and Macklin (3 on May 26th).  We plan to plant some cucumbers and snap peas because those are their favorites.  They will help me build a picnic outside, weather permitting, because I believe fresh air is something you can never get enough of!

I’ll be donning my Leopard Print Orleans because of their level of versatility indoors and out, while chasing two youngsters around, maintaining the highest level of comfort and style.  

Our day will close with telling stories of how I have always enjoyed spending time with my Mom (their Nonna) on Mother’s Day, while listening to their favorite songs as we throw caution to the wind eating ginormous bowls of colorful ice cream on a big comfy blanket on the lawn. The day will be very special, but every day I get to spend the whole day with them is truly Mother’s Day to me.   


Holly Davis, Web & Social Media

Mother’s Day always means a lot to my mom, so it’s a bummer that we probably won’t see each other this year. I’ll send her some goodies and we’ll have a long phone chat while drinking coffee together. I can’t get on a zoom call or FaceTime since that sort of technology is too advanced for my parents to set up without me there to help. So mom will be on her landline (yeah they still exist) and I’ll be on my iPhone. 


I will be wearing of the various Orleans I have- either the Olive Green Matte Snake Print, the Black and Bone snake, or the White Perfed. 


Ken Leinauer, Systems and Operations
(photo is of his wife and oldest grandchild)


My wife, Connie and I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Here she is a few years ago with our oldest grandchild. I wish my wife a very Happy Mother’s Day. Of course, this year will be different from all past ones… no hugs this year. 

 I’m sure Connie will be wearing her Navy Orleans for the activities we have planned for the day.


We hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day, no matter what that consisted of this year! Please follow us on our Facebook page and our Instagram to share with us your favorite Mother's Day memories, and how you celebrated this year!  

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