Meet Our Ambassador: Dr. Shawn Horn

August 06, 2020

Meet Our Ambassador: Dr. Shawn Horn

Over the past couple of months, we've shared stories about the wonderful ladies that make our Walking Cradles team so spirited & strong!
So far, you've met Jodie (@jtouchofstyle) and Gail (@lifebeginsafter50) in our newest blog series "Meet Our Ambassadors."

These stories give you the chance to meet and connect with our Brand Ambassadors as they share with us their passions (professionally & personally), their shoe journey, and why they made the decision to become part of the Walking Cradles family.

As we introduce another incredible friend & Walking Cradles Ambassador here in Part 
III of the series, we have no doubt, you'll love Dr. Shawn as much as we do!
Image of Dr. Shawn Horn
Walking Cradles Ambassador, Dr. Shawn Horn (@drshawnhorn
Dr. Shawn Horn is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice and is also a faculty member at the University of Washington Medical School.  As she shares on her personal website, she has made it her mission is to "bust through shame, ignite hope, and inspire wholehearted living."
Image of Dr. Shawn Horn
Originally from San Diego, Dr. Horn now lives in Spokane WA. "After 27 yrs in the mental health field I decided to step out and step into my BIG DREAMS," she says. "I now have a podcast (Inspired Living), am cohost of The Shame Sisters (on YouTube), am a columnist for TOI MAGAZINE, founder of Instagram's Psychology Directory and am a TEDx speaker! It's no secret Dr. Horn works hard to remain connected, always integrating more ways to introduce her messages to new, and larger audiences- keeping the cycle of learning, healing, and growing alive! For as busy as she remains, she does carve out time to enjoy some of her favorite hobbies! 

"I'm obsessed with gardening and my pet chickens! I love playing outside, spending time with my family and friends and floating on rivers and lakes!"
In fact, in celebration of her birthday this Friday, August 7th, she is spending some much deserved 'me-time' in Glacier National Park, glamping-style in her retro camper that she (of course) fixed up and decorated herself!

Dr. Shawn recalls her first experience with Walking Cradles, while attending FierceCon in 2019! 
"I stopped dead in my tracks when I walked by a WC booth and my eyes caught sight of the Orleans sparkly shoes! I love anything that sparkles! Silver sequined shoes!?! UM, Yes please," says Dr. Horn. " That's when I met Lisa (Lisa Schmitz, Walking Cradles Creative Director)! I was speaking at the FierceCon 2019 conference. I quickly bought my first pair of WC followed by more to come! That's when it all started!" 
Image of the Orleans shoe in silver glitterThe ever-popular & official FierceCon shoe- Orleans in silver glitter fabric! 

It's always been one of Walking Cradles top priorities to learn from our customers, and we strive to create styles that check all the boxes when it comes to quality footwear. Part of this includes research on past challenges our customers, and even our team members, have faced when it comes to finding the right shoe. Being a size 11, Dr. Horn has met her fair share of shoe obstacles. 
"I often have challenges trying to find my size 11 with good arch supports. Not only do I have a high arch, but I also have plantar fasciitis which has turned into Haglund's Deformity (also called Pump Bump)," says Dr. Horn. "My feet are constantly in pain. Having the wrong shoe with poor support is a recipe for a lot of pain! I'm so grateful for the comfort WC shoes offer my sore feet. (Plus, I also get to feel happy as I look at the sparkles!)" 
Personal Image of Dr. Shawn HornDr. Horn feeling festive while rocking the Orleans in silver glitter fabric!  Dr. Shawn Horn with the Orleans in silver glitter
While it's pretty obvious Dr. Horn is loving the Orleans in silver glitter, she also loves sporting the Orleans in leopard print nubuck leather, an exclusive style from our Spring 2020 Boutique Collection! 
Dr Horn on a carnival ride
Dr. Horn having a wild time sporting the Orleans
in leopard print nubuck leather! 

"I'm frequently stopped as people ask about my sparkles and leopard print shoes. I like whimsical and unusual, stand out styles. So I'm really enjoying the boutique line!"
What truly inspires us when it comes to these incredible women is learning what it is that fuels them; what motivates them to do what they do, and how they believe being a Walking Cradles Ambassador can strengthen that!
"My mission is to inspire HOPE and to equip people with the tools they need for masterful living," says Dr. Horn. "Although I'm not a fashionista by brand, these shoes are a way I equip my body to stand for long durations while I give keynotes. Now more than ever, I need comfortable shoes that can hold me up and endure long periods on my feet while I speak and spread the message of hope and healing. It would be hard to inspire if I was talking in pain. WC's help me to be comfortable so I can offer my enthusiastic messages without the distraction of added pain!" 

As you've seen, Dr. Shawn Horn cannot get enough of the Orleans, however she did share with us some of her other favorites, and styles she looks forward to rocking for some exciting events just around the corner! 

Dr. Shawn has been selected to present a TedX talk on 10/10/2020. With her years of experience as a “shame-busting” psychologist and her fun, enthusiastic charisma, we are all excited to congratulate her on this achievement and look forward to her talk. As we have more information on how to watch her TedX talk, we will share it with everyone! Walking Cradles is honored to be Dr. Shawn’s shoe of choice when she takes the stage - and in her everyday life, as well! 

"I especially love the Orleans in the Boutique Collection and the new Reece animal print flats" says Dr. Horn. I'm currently exploring the mid-heel options for my upcoming TEDx talk in October. So far the Belle, Bobbi, Jolly and Heidi are some I'm considering to comfort my feet and let me rock that epic moment!" 
Speaking of epic..  Dr. Shawn is partnering with us for another Walking Cradles GIVEAWAY! Just as we did with Jodie and Gail in Parts I and II of our Ambassador blog series, we're now giving everyone another chance to win a free pair of Walking Cradles shoes! 


Follow these steps below for a chance to win a FREE pair of Walking Cradles (any style, any color/ material of your choice)! 


✓ Go to Dr. Shawn Horn's Instagram page (@drshawnhorn)

✓ Like her post about our "Meet Our Ambassador" blog feature 

✓ Tag two of your friends 

✓ Follow her  @drshawnhorn

✓ Follow us @walkingcradles

 **You MUST live in the US to enter - we cannot ship internationally. 

This GIVEAWAY begins today and ends Tuesday, August 11 at 2pm (CST). The winner will be announced later that day by Dr. Shawn Horn!

Good luck to everyone ♡

 We hope you enjoyed our story about Dr. Shawn, and learning even more about our wonderful friend and Ambassador! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we continue to introduce more of the Walking Cradles team, Ambassadors and customers in the months to come! 

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