Keeping the Door Open to Friendships with Kuel Life

April 27, 2020

Keeping the Door Open to Friendships with Kuel Life

Kuel Life, a site dedicated to the collective power of women, recently interviewed our shoe designer, Jamie Wells and Creative Director, Lisa Schmitz about the unique ways that they work together to bring Walking Cradles shoes to women everywhere! You can read the interview here:

Jamie & Lisa getting ready to shoot their last looks for Walking Cradles 2019 Fall Look Book! 

Founder Jacqueline (Jack) Perez founded Kuel Life in 2017 to deliver relevant, ad-free content to women 45+. By sharing and empowering women with expert advice and stories from real women.

Jack & Lisa together at FierceCon 2019! 

Jack has found her secret to success: create a virtual space where women come together in community to share their voices and experiences. The site includes the Kuel Shop, which showcases products BY women FOR women.

 Jamie and Lisa showing the versatility of the Samantha in light taupe metallic snakeskin print leather with each of their looks!

Read the interview with Jamie and Lisa and find out how their “meaningful intergenerational friendship” works together for Walking Cradles!

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