Shoes That Make You Jump For Joy! - BACK IN STOCK!!!!

September 29, 2021

Walking Cradles Metro Collection Orleans Sneakers in Silver Glitter

Have you ever loved a shoe so much you bought multiple pairs - in case the company stopped making them? I sure have! Great idea, until the company does stop making them and your last pair is on it's last leg! 

Such was the case with our top selling sneaker, the Orleans - in Silver Glitter and Black Glitter! We were thrilled when they were named the official 2019 FierceCon shoe and loved watching women try them, have the "ooh, ahh" moment and then change into them immediately! But we thought the glitter fabric could be popular for a hot minute and then lose the excitement among customers. Not the case!

Now, thanks largely to our dear friend, motivational speaker and Walking Cradles fierce sister, Catherine Grace O'Connell, these fun, sparkly sneaks are back in stock and women are flocking to get their feet in them!

“I’m delighted to know that one of my favorite shoes from Walking Cradles, the glitter Orleans Slip On and the official shoe of FierceCon is back!

It’s not only a favorite of mine, but also the beloved shoe of the Forever Fierce Community. This shoe impeccably combines the epitome of comfort and style. 

The Orleans glitter slip on can be worn with everything from your favorite denim to a beautiful maxi skirt for a night out. That’s why I have several styles of the Orleans in my wardrobe.”  - Catherine Grace O'Connell

After being named the official FierceCon shoe, women everywhere jumped into the Orleans and the great reviews starting rolling in - not only for the glitter version, but for all the colors and materials! Comments like "Where have you been all my life!" and "I have several pairs of this shoe in different colors" continue to make our day!  

Let's talk about those Silver Glitter Orleans Catherine has in her wardrobe, though! Last month, Woman's Day Magazine featured Catherine as a shining example of how to age gracefully! Catherine turned 60 in July and Woman's Day featured what she is doing to be living her best life! In addition, they wanted to feature photos from Catherine's Instagram page. They had so many great pics to choose from, and they picked their three favorites. Imagine our glee when Catherine called to say two of those photos were of her wearing none other than the Orleans Silver Glitter!

Catherine Grace O'Connell featured in Woman's Day magazine
The Woman's Day Magainze page featuring CGO wearing Orleans in Silver Glitter - in BOTH photos!



Fellow blogger and influencer, Jodie Filogomo also is a big fan of the Orleans sneaker. With multiple pairs in her closet, Jodie has found that the Orleans is her go-to sneaker for many occasions!

"The Orleans sneaker is one of my favorite styles from Walking Cradles. If you saw my closet, you would realize that I'm not kidding, since I have 6 different prints of these shoes.

Yes, the glitter ones (and I have both the black glitter and silver glitter) are extra special because they were the official shoe of the Midlife Matters group when we had our FierceCon Convention. As I've gotten older, I realize that every day is one to be celebrated, and sequins always give off a celebratory vibe!

You will love these glitter Orleans, as every time you glance down at your feet, you have to smile because of all the shine and sparkle!"

Jodie Filogomo wearing Walking Cradles Orleans in Black Glitter
Jodie Filogomo from Jodie's Touch of Style,
admiring her Orleans in Black Glitter

Let's face it, we don't always think of smiling when we think about our feet or shoes. Being in the shoe biz, I talk to women all the time who have difficulty finding shoes that fit, or that are comfortable, or that they like.... the problems are many, and the solutions seem to be few! Yet, here we are with these amazing slip-on sneakers that have women coming back and buying multiple colors - not just because they are cute, but because they feel great on their feet!

Painful issues such as Plantar Fasciitis and Mortons Neuroma can be a real drag when trying to find shoes. We never claim to  prevent or cure any foot problems, but we can confidently say that we have customers who swear by these shoes - that they provide the most relief from some of these annoying problems.

Barbara B. gave us a great five-star review for the three pairs of Orleans she loves.

"Great look, great fit!! Have Morton’s neuroma and these shoes prevent the stinging episodes!! Just added two pair to my first one. Wear one of them EVERY day!! Thanks, Cradle!" - Barbara B.


With its timeless styling and many options of colors/materials, the Orleans is a sneaker that is ageless! We love hearing when sisters, friends, mothers & daughters love the same shoe, as we saw with Catherine and Jodie. The same holds true for this mother and daughter - Terri and Steph Archer.


Terri (top) and Steph (bottom), showing their ways to style the
Orleans Black Glitter sneaker!

Terri has several pairs of our Orleans sneakers, but she particularly loves the black glitter pair! She wrote to tell us: 

"I love my glitter Orleans because their pretty sparkle adds a little glam to any outfit and makes me feel special! We all know that often, pretty shoes are not comfortable shoes, but that certainly isn't the case with the Orleans - they are not only stylish, but so super comfy and cushiony that I feel like I am wearing bedroom slippers! I actually walked a few miles to and from dinner in them tonight! I can hardly wait to see the Orleans in new color options!

Additionally, I may have to buy another pair to give to my daughter, so she stops borrowing mine all the time!"


The Orleans comes in many colors and materials, but it isn't just a pretty face! Fit and comfort features come standard with every pair! As part of our Metro Collection, designed for women on the go, the Orleans provides you with:

  • Uppers with dual gore for easy on and off.
  • Padded collar helps prevent heel slippage.
  • Our signature Tiny Pillows provide non-compacting cushioning with every step.
  • Sueded fabric sock-linings are super soft and moisture wicking, allowing you the option to wear a sock - or not!
  • Flexible bottoms with slip-resistant tread makes them walkable in many conditions.

With so many shoes to choose from and so many companies claiming theirs are the best, we love it when we customers write and call us to rave about these cute, functional and great fitting sneakers! Do you have your Orleans yet? Better not wait long - good news travels fast!


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