April 20, 2021



In every month we experience the unique qualities of the zodiac sign under which we were born. Each sign has its own unique qualities and ways of expression. We frequently read about our love, money, work and fitness horoscopes, but now we offer you Shoe Horoscopes!

Read your monthly horoscope here (according to, and during the month of your personal astrological sign, read about your unique style qualities and find the casual and dressy shoe that our resident style gurus have selected just for you!



You’re not afraid to be stylish and stand-out with bold pieces and accessories – including your shoes!


Style qualities:  As a Taurus, you are always fashion-forward and love to make a statement with your daily style. Whether it’s your 9-5 style, your evening dress-up, or your weekend errand running – you want to be comfortable, yet with a lovely fashion flair. While you are a fan of form and function, you certainly are not afraid to make a statement!


Shoe picks:  Taurus girls are known for being set in their ways and just the tiniest bit stubborn! However, you do love to spice up your wardrobe! Your appreciation of elegance is never compromised, and your fashionable ways will not be side-lined with uncomfortable shoes! As events make a come-back onto our calendars, you’re ready to kick up your heels and step out! One thing you don’t want to sacrifice is comfort, but you also can’t wear just anything with your stunning ensemble. Lettie-2 is the shoe for you! Lovely rhinestones sparkle on all the delicate straps while Tiny Pillows® embedded in the insole keep your feet feeling fabulous!

For your summer sneaker, the
Destin in Petal perfed nubuck is just the shoe for you! Accented with rose gold on the sole and heel cup, this little kick packs as much comfort as it does cuteness! Part of Walking Cradles brand new Metro+ collection, this little gem is like heaven for your feet! Enhanced arch support, an ergonomic heel cup, and dual-density foam create lightweight flexible comfort like none other! So, whether you are throwing them on with your yoga pants and cute sweatshirt, or with that adorable floral sundress, your feet will definitely feel as great as they look!



April Horoscope for Taurus (from 

You've got a major turning point this month concerning your personal identity as well as your relationships. But first, you'll be turning inward. The Aries New Moon on April 11 will help you realize it's time to clear your subconscious mind of any pesky cobwebs that have been holding you back from living your best life. Whatever goals you want to pursue that require bravery and bold, decisive action will start from within. This deep internal shift will be the catalyst to extraordinary leaps you'll make in the next few weeks.

Venus, your ruler, enters your sign on April 14, making you charming, beautiful, and receptive to all the blessings in love and money that are about to come your way. In fact, an unexpected blessing may arrive on April 22 when Venus and Uranus collide. Additionally, the Scorpio Full Moon on April 26 lands in your partnership sector and could bring intense romantic fulfillment your way. The turning point between you and someone close to you will be worth any drama you may experience.

Key themes for Taurus: inner transformation, unexpected windfall, unexpected romance, beauty, grace, sensuality, deep attachment, profound love.


APRIL HOROSCOPES for all other signs (from


The month begins with assertive Mars still zipping through your sign, which means you've still got an energizing cosmic boost on your side. Be sure to maximize this energy because once Mars leaves Gemini on April 23, it won't return for another two years!

Romantic Venus will make a sizzling link to Mars on April 6, providing a great assist to your love life. If single, you could easily connect with someone through your social contacts. What starts out as a simple hang with friends could turn into a passionate evening with someone you meet, and it will all begin with lively conversation.

You've got major potential to set a plan into motion that will make one of your most heartfelt aspirations come true at the Aries New Moon on April 11. This will also be a great time to launch a new website, social media campaign, or any entrepreneurial Internet-related endeavor. Success is yours!

A health matter you've been addressing may finally resolve at the Scorpio Full Moon on April 26. Deep healing is possible at this time, and you'll feel it on a cellular level.

Key themes for Gemini: energy, ambition, drive, sexiness, socializing, new friends, groups, wellness



A significant professional opportunity is on the horizon, even if you aren't sure at first exactly how you'll grasp it. An Aries New Moon will fall at the top of your chart on April 11. This lunation has all the ingredients necessary to offer up a bold fresh start in your career path. You might be doing this in a discreet way until after April 23 as Mars will be in your reclusive 12th house until then.

After April 23, you'll be ready to roar! You'll see progress in just about every area of your life since this is the day Mars moves into your sign. This is a sexy and vibrant energy that will help you courageously pursue whatever it is you desire most in life.

When it comes to your love life, the Scorpio Full Moon on April 26 won't disappoint. It'll land in your romance sector and could bring the most gratifying turning point between you and someone special.

Key themes for Cancer: career boost, promotion, entrepreneurship, new profession, new goals, romantic attachment, emotional bonds, deep love



You might sign up to take a class or workshop that leads to a license or certification this month. This will likely happen after the Aries New Moon on April 11, and it'll lead to a spectacular professional opportunity faster than you think. In fact, Venus moves to the top of your chart on April 14 will be exactly connected to Uranus by April 22. Sudden and positive developments in your professional world are sure to happen, but they will require radical change on your part to manifest. There might be an unexpected chance to partner up with someone in business as well. Explore ... with caution.

Your best prospects for love and romance are in the first half of the month. The month starts off with sexy Mars in your social 11th house, and it will connect perfectly to Venus on April 6. A fun connection with someone you meet while hanging out with your pals might be filled with flirty banter. The two of you might even be talking to each other for hours on end about shared interests. Enjoy!

Key themes for Leo: learning, promotion, achievement, rewards, honor, socializing, friends, online dating



Career progress continues to occur at a rapid pace for you the first half of the month. If you're looking to secure funding for a new business venture, then you might get everything you want -- and more -- near April 6. That's because Mars, now at the top of your chart, will be at a gorgeous angle to Venus, now in your 8th House of Big Money, at this time. This looks great! An Aries New Moon on April 11 adds more juice to the possibility of you creating positive financial prospects through investments, passive income, or money you get any other way besides your direct paycheck.

A Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26 will have you thinking deeply about your current love life scenario. Scorpio is ruled by intense Pluto, and that planet is now charging through your 5th House of Romance. You're not interested in shallow connections with anyone. In fact, you want to engage in a profoundly emotional conversation with someone at this Full Moon in order to determine whether or not they have what it takes to be with you.

Key themes for Virgo: ambition, investments, promotion, new goals, profound decision, meaningful conversations, mental attachments



Your love life is about to be filled with extraordinary new potential. It all starts on April 11 with a New Moon in Aries falling in your partnership sector. Dating? You may go exclusive. Living together? You could become engaged. Already hitched? There's a great deal of new passion and excitement coming to you and your mate. Enjoy!

If you're completely single, expect a sexy zap to your love life. Venus moves into luscious Taurus on April 14 and will be exactly conjunct Uranus, ruler of your romance sector, on April 22. Since this conjunction lands in your 8th House of Intimacy, there is every indication that you'll meet someone in the most unexpected way and sparks will instantly fly. Venus then moves on to square Saturn, placed in your romance sector, on April 25. This could be much more than a casual fling.

Mars enters your career sector on April 23 and then a Scorpio Full Moon happens in your 2nd House of Earned Income on April 26. Ask for a raise, apply for a promotion, or start that new career path. Your stars are truly aligned!

Key themes for Libra: love, marriage, commitment, relationship, new partner, sexy encounter, affair, promotion, career boost



If you're looking to secure a new job, grab an extra freelance assignment, or attack a major project you haven't had the druthers to start, then you'll want to wait until after the Aries New Moon on April 11 to move on it. This lunation spells success in all these areas for you, along with a positive development for your health.

Your love and personal life will also take a turn this month -- and it could be jarring. Much of this depends on the current status of your love connection. Venus moves into your relationship sector on April 14, giving you the desire to harmoniously connect with your mate. However, an erratic Venus-Uranus conjunction on April 22 followed by a tense Venus-Saturn square on the April 25 might throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Your partner could do something completely unanticipated that threatens your security and makes you feel less valued and appreciated.

All this energy culminates with an emotionally charged Full Moon in your sign on April 26. What you feel matters, and your partner will surely understand this by the end of the month.

Key themes for Scorpio: work, assignments, health, wellness, colleagues, romantic break, love conflict, emotions



This month will be dominated by your heart, Sagittarius. Mars remains in your partnership sector until April 23, giving you and your partner plenty of motivation to cling to the passionate connection you share. Bedroom antics are sure to be enticing, but conflict is also a strong possibility. Your partner might disagree with you just to get your blood boiling or vice versa. Not to worry, the magnetic pull between you is so strong and the make-up sex after your fights will be off the charts. Expect an unforgettable romantic day on April 6 when the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, embrace. Hot stuff!

If you're single, you've also got some serious mojo. An Aries New Moon lands in your true love sector on April 11, bringing significant dating prospects your way. Venus is also in this area of your chart until April 14, so there is every potential for you to meet the next great love of your life in the first half of the month.

Finances might become inflamed after April 23 when Mars moves into your 8th House of Shared Resources. You may find that you're hemorrhaging money because of a major expense that could be related to your home or family. Breathe ... it's temporary.

Key themes for Sagittarius: love, sex, children, partnership, passion, dating, taxes, credit, debt, high expenses



It's said that home is where the heart is, and for the first half of April, it's certainly where your heart is! Venus remains in your 4th House of Home and Family until April 14, making nesting with your clan absolutely enjoyable! The New Moon on April 11 falls here as well, stimulating energy for a brand-new home project. This can also be about a move or new beginning for a family member. It has great promise!

After April 14, your heart will turn toward matters of the heart. Venus enters your romance sector, and this becomes the very best time for you to meet and begin dating someone new if you're single. Pay attention to April 22 when Venus and Uranus collide. This is the quintessential energy for unexpected meetings and chemistry that feels like love at first sight.

If you're in a relationship, then you might notice some conflict between you and your mate after Aril 23 when Mars enters your relationship sector. Remember that your partner is being reactive about something that is triggering his or her security buttons. Do what you can to kiss the boo-boo instead of making it bleed even more.

Key themes for Capricorn: home, family, moving, real estate, decorating, love, romance, children, relationship strife



You've definitely got love on the brain for the first half of April. Sexy Mars is moving through your romance sector, making you more passionate and desirable through April 23. Venus is moving through your communication sector through April 14, helping you speak your love language to others in the most eloquent way -- and that will attract the right kind of love to you!

April 23, giving you an incredible level of energy to help you attack the most daunting assignments. This might lead to more competition at the office, but you're sure to come out victorious if there is a project you want to win. The Scorpio Full Moon on April 26 lands at the top of your chart, putting you in the spotlight for a career achievement. You might land a promotion or receive a significant award for the contributions you've made in your industry. Sweet!

Key themes for Aquarius: love, sexiness, passion, children, dating, honor, award, career, promotion, job



Your finances are sure to experience a positive boost this month. Money planet Venus tours your earned income sector through April 14, while a fabulous Aries New Moon lands in the same area of your chart on April 11. A fresh start connected to money can have to do with a bold new entrepreneurial effort you put into place. Don't allow insecurity to get the best of you as this could wildly succeed. You also have prospects for making money through real estate, with a family member, or through a home-based business.

Your focus will shift towards pleasure and romance when assertive Mars moves into your true love sector for the first time in two years on April 23. This is when you'll feel sexier and more emotionally attuned to your desires. If you're single and dealing with a dry spell in this department, then you'll be glad to know it's over. If you're in a relationship, you're motivated to have a lot more fun with your partner. Enjoy!

Key themes for Pisces: finances, cash flow, new talents, children, sex, pleasure, creativity, values, self-worth




This month you're on FIRE, Aries! As you should be -- it's your birthday month and you've got extraordinary prospects to make things happen in your world.

Venus is in your sign through April 14, giving you that extra boost of confidence and allure. She'll be at a gorgeous angle to Mars, your ruling planet, on April 6, helping you to win in love when you communicate from the heart. A potent New Moon will occur in your sign on April 11, encouraging you to foster a new beginning in romantic matters or with your personal goals. Crush them!

It's all about the money starting on April 14 when Venus moves into your earned income sector, pushing you to create tangible material rewards as you use your talents. Additionally, a Scorpio Full Moon on April 26 lands in your 8th House of Shared Resources. You might hear news about a financial windfall connected to an investment, settlement, or even an inheritance.

Key themes for Aries: passion, zealousness, flirtation, enthusiasm, boldness, romantic decision, new relationship, money


Horoscopes used for this article were obtained from:

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