Serving Endless Style & Sass with the Samantha!

August 26, 2019

Serving Endless Style & Sass with the Samantha!

    Remember trying on your mother’s heels? You’d carefully shuffle around, making sure not to trip or tumble- attempting to feel and look just as beautiful and poised as she did. That was probably around the time when you began to harbor the notion that these shoes were meant for something special.  

    It didn’t take long for you to associate this type of shoe with certain special occasions. When the heels came out, so did the fancy hair-dos, dresses, and jewelry.

    Heels weren’t your everyday shoe. These were the cherry on top to your recital costumes, poufy prom dresses, job interviews, the 22 weddings you were asked to be in, your own wedding, and an array of other formal events. Long story short, it’s been ingrained that these shoes are only to be worn with a particular kind of look and for certain types of events. Well, Walking Cradles is telling you to trash that thought once and for all! 

    We believe you should have the freedom to pair any type of shoe with any type of outfit, whenever you feel like it. Today is all about the encouragement of innovation and style evolution. You should be excited to switch it up! 

    Which is why we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce our newest arrival, the Samantha! This is a perfect pointed-toe pump that your closet has been missing. Designed with gorgeous cashmere leather and detailed with a snakeskin print, the Samantha, without a doubt, will have you standing out wherever you go and however you style it.  

“I remember the first time I saw a girl wearing pumps with a pair of jeans, and I couldn’t believe it—but look at us now” -Lisa Schmitz Walking Cradles' Creative Director. 

    Jamie Wells, Walking Cradles' Designer and Lisa Schmitz, the Creative Director, were so pumped when the Samantha (Lt. Taupe Snakeskin Print) made its arrival to our headquarters this week. Not only is it a beautiful shoe, but it went perfectly with the super cute outfits they had on that day (Jamie- distressed denim with a leopard print top & Lisa- camo pants with a pink graphic tee).

    You could easily style the Samantha with a jean skirt and cardigan or leather leggings and an airy flannel for fall! Accessorize with some gold and silver bangles or hoops to complete your look! 

  Of course, the Samantha is also constructed with our signature Tiny Pillows within the footbeds, so don't stress for a second about remaining comfortable- also toss out the myth that heels hurt while you're at it! 

Walking Cradles dares you to switch it up, however you see fit! Play dress up whenever you feel like it- with the shoes you love! 


The Samantha is available now! 


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