Meet the Model: Yaunah Shares Her Style!

October 11, 2019

Meet the Model: Yaunah Shares Her Style!

   Walking Cradles is spicing up this Fall with an overload of style and an ultimate side of sass! We’ve delivered some of your favorite booties before, and we’re about to do it again this year!

    One of the most exciting aspects of a new season is adding in some new wardrobe pieces. Booties have been such a staple for this season in particular; giving you the freedom to have some fun with your style, while the weather takes its sweet time on deciding what's next.

    A perk of owning a great pair of booties is that they are totally versatile. Pair them with your go-to leggings, cropped denim, a fun skirt, or sweater dress! While providing just enough coverage, they aren't too overwhelming or heavy for this time of year. 

    During our Fall 2019 Look Book photo shoot, one of Walking Cradles' veteran models, Yaunah, gave us serious bootie inspo! Styling her own looks, we were all blown away not only by her energy in front of the camera but her chic and sassy ensembles!

“One of the things I’ve always strived for in my Walking Cradles shoes, especially when Lisa or when the creative team gives me the opportunity to pick my own clothes- I love things that have a little bit of vintage flair, combined with a little bit of modern sensibility- so I'm wearing a modern shoe with a couple of vintage pieces I really love," says Yaunah

    Yaunah modeled one of our newest booties- the Kara in chestnut rustic leather! The Kara is a super cute, military-inspired, lace-up bootie that provides both a relaxed aesthetic and overall feel. 

    At first glance, it was hard to envision Yaunah's outfit choices being styled with this particular bootie, but as soon as she stepped out, we were hooked on these looks! 

    With the Kara, Yaunah rocked a white blouse (untucked), layered with a cropped braided light pink sweater, completed with adorable light-washed camo pants- rolled the ankles to show off her new favorite booties! 

"I love my wardrobe to have a little bit of dramatic flair, something that's very interesting and that feels very unique to myself- I always try and choose things that really help support what I feel to be my authentic self -that’s just a mix of all certain things."

    Yaunah also wore the Kara with a beautiful vintage long-sleeved printed skirt and blouse. This combination was so refreshing and full of sass thanks to the model who rocked it!

"I’m really into this idea of mixing high and low- my kara outfit specifically, wearing something more formal like a dress with a more military-style boot. I love the combination, the sort of juxtaposition of those kinds of styles."  

    Speaking of mixing- a new trend we've been taking notice of is the mixing of prints. For a long time, we've all been told that pairing different patterns or textures is a big no-no. Well, one glance at Yaunah's looks, and you'll kick that notion permanently to the curb! 

    She also rocked one of our more casual booties, the Osmond in leopard! This exclusive Boutique Collection item is a high-top Chelsea style sneaker-bootie made from super chic and soft calf hair leather! Yaunah made these stand-out even more with her edgy camo pants, having everyone else envious but mostly excited to start incorporating more prints into their wardrobes! 

    It was such a pleasure being able to work with Yaunah again, and seeing these styles brought to life. Her radiant personality, contagious energy, and fearlessness when it comes to fashion, totally embodies what Walking Cradles encourages of all women: Switch it up! Take risks! Be bold! Do it all in everlasting style and comfort! 

To see Yaunah's amazing looks and watch the full interview click the video below.


The Kara & Osmond is available now!


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