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In every month we experience the unique qualities of the zodiac sign under which we were born. Each sign has its own unique qualities and ways of expression. We frequently read about our love, money, work and fitness horoscopes, but now we offer you Shoe Horoscopes!

Read your monthly horoscope here (according to, and during the month of your personal astrological sign, read about your unique style qualities and find the casual and dressy shoe that our resident style gurus have selected just for you!


You are poised and polished, elegant and feminine. Your elevated sense of style is refined, but never stifling or stuffy!

Cancer Shoe Horoscope Selections 

Style qualities:  A Cancer can always be spotted as the best dressed in the room. You are sophisticated and classy with an eye for timeless, classic essentials. Your element is water, which is why you always seem to be flowing – whether its keeping projects moving along at work, or keeping your family members in line! Your loyal, empathetic, persuasive and persistent nature make you a natural leader!

Shoe picks:  With water being your element, what better casual sandal for Cancer gals than the Pool? Perfect all summer long, whether poolside, or on an evening stroll around your neighborhood, this footbed sandal is both sublimely comfortable and super stylish for summer! The thin straps of white and silver are completely adjustable by hidden hook and loop closures and will pair well with swimsuit cover-ups, shorts or breezy sundresses.

Girls born under the sign of Cancer never miss an opportunity to dress up, and the Lydia in Metallic Leopard Print leather is that classic silhouette with a pop of pizazz! Pair these with your favorite denim dress for an elevated casual summer look. When you’re ready to head out to a cocktail party, wedding or date night, these will add trendy elegance to a hot pink or bright red sheath dress!


May Horoscope for Cancer (from 

Expenses may run high after June 11, when Mars moves into your earned income sector. Although there is a potential inflammation here, Venus will join him in this area of your chart by June 27. Together, they can create solutions where you once saw only problems. Be patient and trust in yourself -- it's likely that your future cash cow will relate somehow to your creative talents or other gifts.

A Full Moon in your partnership sector happens on June 24, and the day before there will be a testy Venus-Pluto opposition across your sign and your partnership sector. This could be a break between you and a business partner, co-worker, or client. If your love life has been on the rocks, then it may also have to do with you and your mate. On the bright side, it may signal the end of a power struggle you've been experiencing in love. If you feel like the planets are telling you that it's time to simply let go, then listen!

Key themes for Cancer: expenses, money trouble, creative gifts, financial ambition, relationship test, fated attraction, breakup, romantic conflict


MAY HOROSCOPES for all other signs (from


There's a brand-new social opportunity ahead for you, but it might feel as if it's clouded by a lot of mixed messages. The Solar Eclipse on June 10 falls in your 11th House of Friendships, while Mercury is still retrograde in the same area of your chart. Mercury does turn direct on June 22, so the eclipse energy promises an eventual fresh start with friends and in your social groups. However, it seems you'll be quite confused about how to accomplish this until the end of the month. Don't worry about the "how" of it all, Leo -- just know that there is new life being breathed into your connections with others. Let them evolve.

Happily, you've got a tremendous edge in other areas this month. Mars enters Leo on June 11, making you a total powerhouse when it comes to any goals you set for yourself. Oh, and it'll also make you ooze even more sex appeal than you already do, which should definitely help out your love life. Venus enters your sign on June 27, adding beauty, charm, and grace to your essence as well as further joy for romantic prospects. Lucky you!

Key themes for Leo: friends, groups, wishes, new dream, affiliations, social networks, misunderstandings, powerful, sexy, enterprising, passionate


Your professional world is about to take off in a potent new direction -- but you might not see it that way until the end of the month. A brilliant Solar Eclipse lands at the top of your chart on June 10, creating a fresh start in your career. The problem? This eclipse is ruled by Mercury, currently retrograde, so it looks like there's going to be a delay before you can take advantage of any promising enterprises. Mercury turns direct on June 22, and until then you might be too busy making your list of pros and cons for each decision to actually settle on any answers.

Your love life could become fulfilling or somewhat stark, depending on how you feel about your romantic situation right now. There's a Full Moon in your true love sector on June 24; this could lead to a declaration of love, a break up, or a heightened sense of loneliness. Venus will move into your 12th House of Hiding on June 27, adding to the bittersweet potential of the time. Longing for love will be the theme. Whether or not you get it will depend on you.

Key themes for Virgo: promotion, honor, award, career height, new career, new goals, romantic karma, love lesson



You've got to address any situations in your love and intimate life, and the universe will provide a much-needed wake-up call this month. Saturn is currently moving through your romance sector, bringing lessons in love like crazy. The blocks around your heart are becoming clearer every day, yet you may not fully know how to destroy them until later. You may have more luck with that on June 14, when radical Uranus will square traditional Saturn, helping to break up the patterns that are not serving you in love. Change is rarely comfortable and it may not feel good at first, but you need to clean this mess up. It's the only way to move forward with an open heart.

In other news, a Full Moon in your home sector on June 24 may bring tension with a relative or domestic news that could be difficult to navigate. Luckily, you can lean on your family for support to get through it.

Your social life can become a bright spot by June 27, when Venus moves into your 11th House of Community. Joy and pleasure with friends will at last have the chance to prevail!

Key themes for Libra: karmic love, love lessons, heartache, heartbreak, loneliness, real love, family, moving, friendship


Although finances may seem confusing in the beginning of the month, a Solar Eclipse on June 10 will help you see new doors opening. Unfortunately, since Mercury will remain retrograde until June 22, you might have trouble deciding which door to open for a while. Take your time investigating which investment, retirement plan, or other money venture is the best option. You'll have the opportunity to find clarity by the end of the month.

Career prospects are remarkable once Mars moves to the top of your chart on June 11. Until July 29, you'll have a razor-sharp edge that can aid you in cutting through the competition and becoming number one in your industry. If you want to start a new business, apply for a promotion, or do anything to get ahead professionally, this is your time. Venus moves here on June 27 as well, adding more lucrative possibilities.

Saturn will square Uranus on June 14, creating the potential for an atomic bomb to go off in your relationship, if you're in one, thanks to possible domestic stress. Your partner may seem like they've gone from zero to 100, but the truth is that this has probably been a long time coming. Like it or not, you might need to do more to help out if your mate has reached a breaking point.

Key themes for Scorpio: investment, taxes, inheritance, passive income, royalties, family stress, career, honor, award



This month you'll probably experience a seismic shift in love and relationships. Mercury is currently traveling retrograde in your partnership sector, remaining in hibernation until June 22. This will possibly create a great deal of confusion for you about choices in love. It might be about options -- you may have more than one person you could choose. On the other hand, it could be about your current relationship and a major decision that you and your partner can't seem to agree on. Take heart -- it will all fall into place. A glorious Solar Eclipse lands in your partnership sector on June 10, and it's all about magnificent fresh starts in relationships. Once you get past all the confusion and miscommunication, that is. Don't worry; the cosmos is cheering you on!

In other news, the stars encourage you to prioritize your spiritual or intellectual growth in June. On June 11, Mars moves to your 9th House of Beliefs, creating a strong motivation to expand your horizons in some way. Venus joins him on June 27, making whatever you pursue something you truly love learning about.

Key themes for Sagittarius: love, relationship, partner, relationship choice, commitment, marriage, publishing, language, philosophy, beliefs



There might be more than one job opportunity for you this month. You might even be spoiled for choice with all the wonderful options that could be presented to you, leaving you not knowing which one to accept. It's a good problem to have in the grand scheme of things, but the pressure you could feel to make the right call might be extraordinary. Do what you can to delay any final decisions until the end of the month. While the Solar Eclipse (happening on June 10 in your work sector) may bring the prospects, Mercury stays retrograde there until June 22. Ask plenty of questions and let yourself marinate in the answers.

The Full Moon in your sign on June 24 might be a temperamental one -- and it may also create some emotional tension between you and your mate. Do your best to work through it, because it's probable that neither one of you will be able to hide your feelings at that time. Single? Progressive Uranus in your romance sector will square industrious Saturn on June 14. Any lack of confidence you have in matters of the heart may finally crumble.

Key themes for Capricorn: job, freelance, health, routine, schedule, projects, personal tension, love changes



Your love life is filled with possibilities as well as uncertainty. A Solar Eclipse on June 10 will bring new romantic potential your way, if single. There's also potential for children or a new creative endeavor, no matter what your relationship status is. Since Mercury will be retrograde in your true love sector until June 22, you may not know which way to go or even how to start anything related to these topics. Don't hit the panic button just yet -- everything should start to fall in place by the end of the month, allowing you to see amazing fresh starts in one or more of these areas.

In fact, when it comes to partnership, there is so much happening for you, it's ridiculous! Mars enters your relationship sector on June 11; Venus moves there on June 27. If you are already dating someone, the connection could quickly escalate into a commitment. If you are already committed, then you and your mate should enjoy extra sparks flying!

Saturn in your sign squares off with Uranus in your domestic sector later in the month on June 14. This could bring a frustrating dilemma to your sense of personal control when an unexpected family situation rattles security. Stay focused on what's important and you can make it through!

Key themes for Aquarius: romance, babies, fertility, artistic, creative, speculation, love, commitment, family drama


Domestic changes could be on the horizon, which might feel a bit confusing at first. There will be a Solar Eclipse in your home sector on June 10, which may prompt a move or major new development within your clan. However, since Mercury will still be retrograde at the time of the eclipse, there's not much traction until he wakes up on June 22. The opportunity might reveal itself directly right in front of you, but you may feel so confused about whether or not to take it that you stand still. It's OK -- take the time you need to consider your options connected to any relocation or domestic decision. You'll likely have answers by the end of the month.

Venus remains in your romance sector until later this month, helping you meet that next special someone, if you're single. If you're taken, she'll add a beautiful dose of romantic support to your existing love connection. When she moves into your 6th House of Work on June 27, an office romance may blossom, if you aren't already partnered. With Mars already in the same sector since June 11, this work-related love affair could move very fast.

Key themes for Pisces: home, family real estate, security, roots, heritage, pleasure, romance, work, job, health



A new communications-related project is possibly on the horizon for you, thanks to the Solar Eclipse on June 10. This could be anything from a teaching opportunity to starting a book! The trouble is that Mercury will continue traveling retrograde until June 22, so you'll need to be patient about its progression. Move forward, but know that your greatest headway in this endeavor will be made next month.

In other news, you're definitely ready to live your life with more passion this month. On June 11, your ruler, Mars, moves into your 5th House of Pleasure and Romance. That means your main priority is having fun -- and you're sure to have plenty of it. On June 27, Venus joins the party, adding plenty of opportunity for romance. It's your time to enjoy an affair of the heart!

Key themes for Aries: writing, teaching, learning, sales, marketing, travel, love, sex, children, creativity



Multiple revenue streams are likely to come your way, thanks to a dazzling Solar Eclipse that will land in your earned income sector on June 10. Try not to stress out too much if it takes a little longer than you thought to get these plans off the ground. Mercury will remain retrograde until June 22 in this same area of your chart. Instead of taking flight immediately, let this be an important time of revising your financial plans and ideas to strengthen their potential.

Saturn is at the top of your chart and will square off with Uranus, currently in your sign, on June 14. This will be all about honoring the need to shake up the structures in your life and career path in order to find a new, more stable routine for yourself.

Your love life may be the talk of the town until June 27, when Venus will leave your 3rd House of Communication. Why is it that the entire neighborhood seems to know your business or have an opinion about your love life? It might be particularly unsettling on June 23, when Venus is opposite Pluto. Watch out!

Key themes for Taurus: money, business, career, professional changes, romantic gossip, neighborhood romance, reinventing self, values



This month you can anticipate major personal transitions. The most important one, however, begins in your mind. With Mercury traveling retrograde in your sign until June 22, there is a definite swirl of internal change happening. This is a good thing, even if it may feel like a gigantic ball of confusion. After all, change occurs first on the inside. So, while you may be marinating in an ocean of bewildering thoughts for most of June, trust that you can ultimately make empowering decisions in several areas of your life, including relationships.

In fact, on June 10, a Solar Eclipse in your sign promises a significant fresh start. You might want to turn the page, either moving into a new love connection or writing the next chapter with your current love. Either way, love planet Venus moves into your message sector on June 27, and with Mars already there since June 11, you'll have plenty to talk about with your lover or a love interest by the end of the month.

Key themes for Gemini: new beginning, life change, relationship, partnership, new thoughts, mental edits, decisions, clarity


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