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In every month we experience the unique qualities of the zodiac sign under which we were born. Each sign has its own unique qualities and ways of expression. We frequently read about our love, money, work and fitness horoscopes, but now we offer you Shoe Horoscopes!

Read your monthly horoscope here (according to, and during the month of your personal astrological sign, read about your unique style qualities and find the casual and dressy shoe that our resident style gurus have selected just for you!


Leo Shoe Picks - Dash and Samantha 

LEO:  July 23 – August 22
Eye catching fashion pieces go well with your notorious fiery personality! Always ready to be a risk-taker and up for something different and exciting – that’s you, our Leo friend!

Style qualities:  There is a reason people gravitate towards your zest for life, warm personality and good-natured humor – you are a free-spirited, fun loving gal! You are always one to be eye-catching, but never over the top! An easy-breezy vibe with a whimsical flair is what your friends and family expect from you! Just like your sign of the lion, you are loud and courageous. While you love being the center of attention, your compassion and generosity make you a trusted friend and confidante.

Shoe picks:  What better shoe to express your fierce lioness qualities than the brand-new Dash in Black and White Snow Leopard print! Whether you are dashing off to your kick-boxing class, or meeting gal pals for mimosa’s, this stretch fabric sneaker will provide not only the eye-catching style you are known for, but also ensure your feet are comfy and happy! Constructed with the Metro+ technology, you’ll appreciate the enhanced arch support, ergonomic heel cup, soft and stretchy fabric uppers and lightweight, flexible bottoms! Throw them on with a t-shirt dress and a jean jacket, or pair them with your favorite leggings and graphic tee. As versatile as they are functional, the Dash will become your go-to active pair of shoes!

Never one to back down from an eye-catching, fiery and exuberant look, you are ready to step and turn some heads! Let your creativity, passion and love for experiencing life shine through with the Samantha pump in Leopard Calf Hair! This sexy, stunning style has a stylish pointed toe and a 2.5” crescent block heel, allowing you to step out and strut your stuff without worrying about breaking an ankle! Paired with distressed jeans, t-shirt and a boyfriend jacket – happy hour just became a thing again! Or, slip on that LBD that has been lonely in your closet for a while now. The pop of interest on your feet and pep in your step will go great with the smile on your face and twinkle in your eyes!


July horoscope for Leo (from 

This could be a complicated month for love. Between July 6 and 8, Venus in your sign opposes Saturn and then squares Uranus. It looks like the price you're paying for love is no longer worth it -- you might be ready to bolt.

Then, on July 13, a sexy conjunction between Venus and Mars (also in your sign) will prompt you to go where the attention and affection in your life is, and not necessarily where your commitment is. This is great for singles, but not so lovely for couples. Giving in to any temporary ego boosts could cost you a relationship. The Full Moon in your partnership sector on July 23 could be this breaking point.

Alternatively, that lunation might be the healing you and your partner need to move forward together. Jupiter does re-enter your partnership sector on July 28. Maybe all of this romantic chaos has put the two of you exactly where you need to be in order to get back into each other's arms.

In other news, once Venus moves into your earned income sector on July 21, financial prospects will start to open up. Mars joins on July 29, stimulating your drive to achieve even more monetary success.

Key themes for Leo: karmic love, love lessons, relationship breaks, business problems, relationship healing, cash, talents, financial ambition


JULY HOROSCOPES for all other signs (from


You might start the month ready to go out there on the slimmest branches and reach out for new social experiences -- even if you're a bit shy at first. An emotional, tender New Moon in Cancer on July 9 falls in your social sector. You might finally find the type of friends who truly feel like family to you. Once you connect with your tribe, you'll wonder why you held yourself back for so long.

Venus enters your sign on July 21, followed by Mars on July 29. This will stimulate romantic possibilities for you in the most extraordinary way. Although the cosmic lovers won't reach an exact conjunction in Virgo, having them both in your sign can help you meet someone new who truly takes your breath away. This person is worth the effort. If you're already in a relationship, then you can enjoy an extra sexy time with your mate.

The Full Moon on July 23 lands in your work and health sector. You might turn in a hefty project that has been taking a lot out of you. What a relief! If there is a health matter on your plate, it could also be resolved now.

Key themes for Virgo: friends, groups, workshop, social media, socialization, gatherings, beauty, confidence, sex appeal, energy




Your career could be about to reach new heights! The New Moon on July 9 is at the top of your chart and symbolizes a potential climb up the ladder of success for you. This can be in the form of a promotion or new business opportunity. Perhaps you'll even launch an entirely new professional enterprise for yourself. Either way, there is spectacular cosmic support for you now in this area of your life, so use it well.

Matters of the heart take on a significant focus by the end of July. A Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23 illuminates your true love sector, while expansive Jupiter re-enters the same area of your chart on July 28. You might find yourself madly in love with someone and it'll feel impossible to ignore these feelings. Let them out! If you're single, it could be the end of your lonely days.

This Full Moon might also signify children or a creative endeavor. You could be ready to give birth to a child, celebrate a major accomplishment for one of your kids, or launch a creative project that you've been working on. Look forward to a busy month!

Key themes for Libra: promotion, business, goals, ambition, career opportunity, boss, romance, children, creativity, pleasure




Are you thinking about going back to school? Whether it's through a traditional classroom, an adult education class, or an online certification program, the New Moon on July 9 will definitely support any intellectual endeavor you start. Go for it!

Your social life may become more fulfilling as well this July. Venus enters your 11th House of Friends and Groups on July 21, allowing you to truly enjoy the time you spend with pals. In fact, a love connection might blossom between you and a friend -- don't be afraid to explore it. Mars enters the same area of your chart on July 29, creating a great deal of motivational force around a humanitarian endeavor.

In other news, your home and family life will receive attention at the Full Moon on July 23 and then again when Jupiter re-enters your 4th House of Domestic Life on July 28. Even if the news you receive from a relative is emotional, it should be positive. It might even call for a celebration!

Key themes for Scorpio: education, spirituality, legal matters, publishing, friends, social life, family, relocation, home




You've got some amazing financial happenings this month. A New Moon lands in your 8th House of Shared Resources and Big Money on July 9, and this can bring an opportunity for you to financially benefit from another person or entity. That could come in the form of an inheritance, lending institution, a financial gift, or even your partner's money. You might also launch a project that allows you to earn money passively, through royalties, or with commissions.

Career goals are likely to be met as well this month, thanks to Venus moving to the top of your chart on July 21 and Mars joining the party on July 29. You'll be all about your ambition and your money this month, Sagittarius, and it really does look promising.

On the other hand, love is not really a major focus in July. It is possible that your sweetheart will become your greatest cheerleader as you pursue the career prizes you're about to win, and that's always a bonus.

Key themes for Sagittarius: money, credit, taxes, inheritance, royalties, career, goals, ambition, promotion, raise




A New Moon in your partnership sector on July 9 might bring you the commitment you've been hoping for. If you've been dating someone, then it's possible you and your sweetie are ready to level up together and go exclusive, become engaged, or even get married. You might also decide to move in together. If you're already in a committed relationship, then a fresh start is arriving for you and your mate. Time to press the reset button on your love connection and see what happens next! For singles, this could absolutely bring new love your way. Be open, because with surprise-filled Uranus in your romance sector, anything is possible in matters of the heart.

In other news, your money is a significant focus this month. A Full Moon lands in your 2nd House of Earned Income on July 23, and lucky Jupiter re-enters the same area of your chart on July 28. There could be an ending to a source of income -- but one that is immediately followed by a major opportunity from the past that, back then, you couldn't flesh out. Now you can and it has potential to be even better than whatever you might have lost. Alternatively, this could be all about financial fulfillment!

Key themes for Capricorn: love, marriage, commitment, engagement, dating, financial changes, new money




Your love life is all over the place in July. Venus, now in your partnership sector, will be stressed out by Saturn (in your sign) and then Uranus (in your home sector) between July 6 and 8. Your partner might want peace and harmony between you, but you're less willing to just pretend that everything is fine. You're feeling down about this connection and whatever is going on needs to be addressed. Fortunately, the two of you can mend fences. On July 13, Venus and Mars embrace in your relationship sector to create the perfect "kiss and make up" energy!

A New Moon lands in your work sector on July 9, so if you're looking to get more freelance work or to change jobs, this is the time to get yourself out there. There may also be an opportunity to improve your health.

On July 23, there's a Full Moon in your sign that will make you much more emotional, and detachment will be almost impossible. Then, Jupiter re-enters your sign on July 28, giving back all of the luck and blessings he may have put on pause. Single? A new love might arrive.

Key themes for Aquarius: relationship trouble, restriction, suppression, isolation, new job, work, health, emotions, blessings




This is the month to stay completely open to anything that transpires -- especially if you're looking for love! On July 9, a New Moon in your romance sector will stimulate at least one new heart-opening possibility. This person will likely be promisingly emotionally healthy and have certain qualities about him or her that are nurturing, comforting, and perhaps even familiar. This lunation will also enhance your fertility, so if a baby is on your mind, it's a great time to try.

In fact, love really becomes the main agenda once Venus enters your partnership sector on July 21. This could be when you decide to start a real relationship with someone you're dating. Or, if you're already coupled, this can signal a time of beautiful harmony between you and your mate. Mars enters your partnership sector on July 29 to add even more sizzle in your love life!

In other news, a Full Moon in your 12th House of the Subconscious on July 23, accompanied by Jupiter re-entering the same part of your chart on July 28, might lead to a massive spiritual awakening. Are you ready for the messages?

Key themes for Pisces: children, creativity, love, dating, affairs, harmony, psychic energies, intuition, spirituality




What's going on in your love life, Aries? It looks like a reality show in many ways -- by the end of the month, you're probably going to need to make a firm decision about whether or not all of this passion is worth the price. Venus rubs Saturn and Uranus the wrong way between July 6 and 8, creating plenty of drama. Then, Venus and Mars embrace in your romance sector on July 13 to ignite passion. It'll only be after Venus moves into your work sector on July 21 that you'll be able to get off the wild ride. If single, be on the lookout for a lot of passionate instability with someone.

Your home and family life, however, can find a bright new beginning this month. The New Moon on July 9 lands in your domestic sector. This could bring happy news about a relative or new addition coming into the family. You could also start a home renovation -- maybe even relocate. One way or another, security is restored.

Key themes for Aries: affairs, love, romance, passion, instability, dating, chemistry, moving, family




You've got something to say this month, and darn it, you're going to say it! A New Moon lands in your message sector on July 9, in the emotionally driven sign of Cancer. Whatever this new major conversation or project related to communication might be for you, you can be sure it's coming straight from the heart.

Speaking of your heart, that seems to be exactly where your concentration lies by the end of the month. Your ruler, Venus, moves into your romance sector on July 21, and by the 29th Mars follows suit. Love is on the horizon, no matter where you are in your current love life storyline. New dating prospects, passionate times with a current lover, or forward movement with someone you're already dating... These can all happen.

The month ends with a career reboot. The Full Moon on July 23 lands in your 10th House of Career, and lucky Jupiter re-enters the same sector on July 28. Fulfillment could be yours!

Key themes for Taurus: writing, teaching, speaking, decisions, learning, love, romance, children, rewards, honor




Your finances are looking brighter this month, thanks to the gorgeous New Moon landing in your earned income sector on July 9. Consider ways to improve your security by monetizing a talent you have or asking your boss for a raise. Of course, you might have already decided that the best way to enhance your earning power is to gain new credentials for a skill. This could require that you go back to school in order to obtain a license or certification -- or even an advanced degree. If so, the Full Moon on July 23 coupled with expansive Jupiter re-entering your 9th House of Higher Education can help bring this to completion for you. Congratulations!

When it comes to your love life, a sexy conversation with someone on July 13 is sure to make you smile. If you're completely single, you could easily meet someone who lives in your neighborhood while you're out doing something fun. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Key themes for Gemini: money, raise, talents, self-worth, license, credentialization, romantic talks, flirting, love notes



There's a brand-new start for you this month, thanks to a New Moon in your sign on July 9. Shout your intentions out into the universe, knowing that now you have the most extraordinary support to help make them happen. This can also bring you a fresh start in love and relationships. Singles could meet someone new, while coupled Cancers are more determined than ever to have their emotional needs met.

Finances are erratic from July 6-8, so try not to take any risks with your money. This comes from Venus, in your earned income sector, making difficult links to Saturn and Uranus. An unexpected reversal is possible, as a possession you thought had value may end up being more of a liability than an asset. Fortunately, the conjunction of Venus to Mars on July 13 will stimulate you to look for creative solutions to any financial dilemmas.

Still, the Full Moon on July 23 might leave you feeling pinched as it lands in your 8th House of Shared Resources, especially if you find out you owe more money somewhere than you anticipated. Luckily, Jupiter comes to your rescue just in time when he re-enters this same area of your chart on July 28. This is going to be a financial roller coaster month for you. Buckle up!

Key themes for Cancer: birthday, new relationship, sentimentality, emotions, financial loss, financial reversal, financial instability, creative budgeting


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